How To Fix Imgur Won’t Load On Chrome Error

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Chrome is one of the wieldy browsers, but obviously, nothing is perfect and pertains to flaws. It is observed that Chrome is one of the best browsers that is least painful and annoying however, sometimes it stuck into random bugs or anomalies that can incumber the user browsing experience. This article is purposefully written to know the fixes relating to Imgur won’t load on chrome error.

Lately, Imgur has stopped working on the Chrome browser and becomes irky for some users. We have tried to investigate the issue and track down some possible reasons that can be responsible for this issue. Later, in the content, we explained some fixes. Hence, this is a helping guide to get rid of the annoyance and repair the Imgur which is not working in the Chrome browser.

The Role Of Imgur In News and Social

Renowned digital podiums such as Reddit, Twitter, and Digg, use Imgur to host and share images.

Here are some striking features of Imgur, you need to know

  • Its suppleness makes it popular with users.
  • Imgur does not involve any complications and is extremely easy to use on social networks and social news sites.
  • Imgur is spectacular magic that entices community-powered entertainment.
  • It has the power to revitalize your spirit with humor, trending memes, entertaining gifs, stirring stories, viral videos, and so much more.
  • Imgur hosts still and animated images uploaded by users.
  • Users have the right and liberty to vote and comment on each other’s submissions.
  • You can also opt for a mobile app service of Imgur, which allows you to take photos on an Android or iOS mobile device and upload them directly to Imgur.

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What do You need To Know About Imgur?

The brief and comprehensive introduction of Imgur is:

“It is an image hosting and community bull-session website. It has been reported as the 11th most compelling site in the United States and 38th most prevalent in the world. It was founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009 while he was just a computer science student at Ohio University.

Why Should You Use Imgur?


Here are some solid reasons for using Imgur to adorn your creations

  • It is a leading image hosting and sharing platform.
  • Imgur empowers you to create something unique and distinguishing.
  • The platform enables the user to prove his/her ingenuity by creating new images or GIFs with the help of handy tools offered by Imgur.
  • The mobile app lets you sightsee the platform on the go.
  • Imgur allows image creators to reserve their right to the title. Plus, the user can host his/her images forever without paying anything.
  • The user does not need to get engaged in the hazards of account registration, as Imgur does not ask the user to create an account to share images.
  • With all such conveniences, Imgur has become a top-flight platform to share images on social media sites and news websites.
  • Imgur has brought novelty to the world of images and the power to use and share them.

Feasible Ways to Fix Imgur Not Loading on Chrome

Since, MediaLab AI, Inc. acquired Imgur, users are facing problems, and in this helping guide, we will discuss why Chrome isn’t opening Imgur and what you can do to ditch the glitch. The good news is, the error is not terminal and can be dumped with some effective fixes. As we all have an idea about the user-friendly nature of the Chrome browser, but Imgur not working issue is staking the browser’s credibility.

It is suggested to perform each fix one by one, give it a test run, and if gets failed then switch to the next option.

Reload The Imgur Page

Chances are higher that the Imgur page is needed to be refreshed, and reloading the page in several attempts can resolve the bug because sometimes the Imgur is not working on the Chrome browser just because of a random network bug or hitches. So, you can fix the issue with this simple yet effective trick, what you need to do is:

  • Head to the Google Chrome window
  • Tap on the reload button positioned at the top-left corner

Hopefully, it would fix the problem however, if persists move to the next option.

Check Your Internet Connection

It is the very first point, you need to consider. An impeded internet connection is the root cause of the frustration, an unobstructed internet connection is the most prominent thing that is required to upload your images on Imgur. So, a poor internet connection can be the reason for the issue with your Imgur account on Google Chrome.

Here is the process, you need to go through.

  • Hover over the Ookla speed tester website to check the speed of your internet connection
  • Test your connectivity speed
  • Power cycle your router if needed
  • Check the speed again after restarting the router

See if the Imgur won’t load on Chrome error is fixed or not, if not perform the next fix.

Check The Updates

It is always suggested to use an updated version of the browser because an outdated version of Google Chrome might be the trigger for why your Imgur is not working on your Chrome browser. This trick has resolved the problem of many users, and you also need to try this out and check if the issue gets set or not.

This is the procedure to check if your Google Chrome is updated or not:

  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • Click on the three-dot button located in the top right corner
  • Select Help
  • Click on the About button
  • Hit Update Chrome (if you see the latest version)
  • Once the Chrome is Updated
  • Relaunch the program

See if it worked for you, if yes, then you deserve a clap! However, if it did not work perform the next check.

Try A Public DNS

Bear in mind, there are many website-related glitches that you can fix by changing DNS. So, Imgur not loading on Chrome error can be fixed by using a different DNS. As you know, DNS settings are automatically established by your ISP however, you can alter the DNS in Chrome settings. Don’t fret it is absolutely fine, and will not create any speed issues.

Follow the process of using a different DNS

  • Open Chrome Settings


  • Click on Security and Privacy
Click on Security and Privacy
  • Click on the Security option
  • Select customized DNS. (You can use a new custom DNS from the dropdown menu)
  • Select customized DNS
Select customized DNS

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Check The Server Status

Inspecting the respective servers is an obligatory check to scrutinize the relevant problem. It is possible that due to some maintenance issue, Imgur servers are not working properly. So, if it is the problem then you can do nothing except wait. However, if you want to check the working status of servers, you need to do this:

  • Visit the DownDetector
  • Verify the reports of other users, if they are reporting the same issue or not
  • Don’t forget to report your issue to guide other users

Clear The Cache Collection of Your Chrome

The cache collection is a stale copy, the Google Chrome downloads to facilitate your next visit to the respective website. The browser downloads information only the first time you visit and can load the local files on the following visits. When the cache data gets corrupted or damaged for some reason, you are unable to use Imgur.


You can use these steps to eliminate the cache files from your browser to remove the annoyance

  • Open Chrome
  • Tap on the three-dot button
  • Tap on the Settings
  • Navigate to the Google Chrome Settings
  • Tap on the privacy and security tab
  • Hit the Clear browsing data option
  • Privacy and Security option
  • Checkmark the boxes you want to delete
  • Hit the Clear data button
  • Clear chrome cache data

Switch To Any Other Browser

You can switch to any other browser to check if the same problem is happening on the other browser. If Imgur is loading smoothly on a different browser such as Opera, Edge, etc., we recommend you reinstall your Chrome browser to fix the issue. Hopefully, reinstalling Chrome will fix the blip.

Head To The Help Desk

If nothing worked for you, Tech by Tex regrets to suggest a last resort to fix Imgur won’t load on Chrome error.

Take the following action:

  • Reach out to Imgur’s official support team
  • Share your problem with the support team
  • Ask for guidance to fix the issue
  • Wait until the team will contact you with a handy fix

Final Words

We hope that this helping material would have helped you to get rid of the anxiety of Imgur won’t load on Chrome error. We have discussed a few effective ways, alongside a simple to-do procedure to get rid of the situation. Oftentimes, there is an outrage on Imgur’s end, or can be an incorrect DNS setting, and the most commonly incurred, connectivity issues. Everything is explained vividly up there, perform the check one by one, and find your lucky fix.