How to Change Background in Google Meet on Android and iPhone?


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Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the need for staying connected, both socially and officially, has become essential and crucial for thriving and surviving. For official connections, Google Meet or Zoom are commonly used. This article primarily focuses on changing the Google Meet background of your video calls on your smartphone. You will learn how you can replace the dusky and blurry background in Google Meet on both Android and iPhone devices.

Let’s start exploring ways to change the background in Google Meet.


A Brief Introduction to the Google Meet App

Google Meet is a dedicated app that allows users to join online meetings, virtual webinars, and conferences using your smartphones. It enables the possibility of working from home, ensuring comfort, convenience, and readiness for emergencies. Google Meet offers a reliable video calling experience to ensure uninterrupted virtual meetings with your clients or online presence in your university class.

This content allows you to add a touch of customization to your tedious yet seamless video-calling sessions. By keeping privacy in mind, and adding a bit of spice, you can make your Google Meet’s background engaging, unique, and interesting. Setting a relatable Google Meet background image adds interest and fun. An interesting and professional backdrop during your Google video calls can enhance the visual appeal and the professional reputation of both you as an individual and your company as a whole.


How to Change Background on the Google Meet App on Android and iPhone?

The virtual background in your Google Meet app plays a pivotal role. It is not only a theme that has cloaked your virtual persona, but it can also showcase your inter and intra-personal skills. Whether it is about your video calls, university lectures, motivational podcasts, tech webinars, or job interviews, your background settings and descriptions speak a non-verbal communication. So, select a background for your Google Meet mindfully because what appears behind your face is significant; don’t ignore it.

Here is how to change the background on your phone using three different approaches.


1. Via the Official Google Meet App

This is the straightforward way to modify or replace your background on Google Meet. Here’s how to change backgrounds in Google Meet using the official app:

  • Launch the Google Meet app on your iPhone or Android
  • Join or initiate a meeting
  • Once the virtual meeting goes live, access and tap on the three-dot menu located at the bottom right interface of your smartphone’s screen
  • Navigate and select “Change background
  • Choose the desired background from a list of pre-selected background options

Your Google Meet background is changed now. Enjoy the change with a new backdrop that can boost your confidence and performance.

You can also add your customized background arrangement. We will discuss how you can do it shortly.


2. Using a Third-Party App

If you are looking for something more compared to the custom features present in the official Googe Meet app, using a third-party app is your option. These third-party apps are dedicated, simple, and smart and offer a wide range of options related to professional office settings and quirky landscapes for Wordsworth admirers.

The best third-party apps to change the background in the Google Meet app are the following:

  • Visual Effects for Google Meet
  • Mirror Mode for Google Meet
  • Grid View for Google Meet
  • Google Meet PiP
  • Background blur for Google Meet

Here is how to change the background on the Google Meet app using a third-party app that is mostly compatible with both Android and iOS devices:

  • Download your preferred background-changing app
  • Launch the app on your device
  • Grant the necessary permissions
  • Go to the app’s library
  • Alternatively, you can also use your custom creation as a backdrop in your Google Meet app
  • Once the background selection process is completed, open Google Meet
  • Join or initiate a meeting
  • In your Google Meet app, select the “Change background” option
  • At this stage, you will choose the third-party app as your Google Meet background source
  • Once selected, this change will be implemented right away and can be seen during your video conferencing

Experiencing this level of customization ensures inclusivity and leaves a striking impression.


3. Implement Virtual Backgrounds

For a more immersive experience and to enhance Google Meet virtual backgrounds, implementing pre-designed graphics is also a functional way.

Here is how you can use virtual backgrounds to enhance your Google Meet virtual background:

  • Launch the Google Meet app on your smartphone
  • Join or start a meeting to continue
  • Once the meeting has started, tap on the three-dots menu located at the bottom right interface of your device’s screen
  • Select “Change background”
  • Choose the “Virtual background” option
  • Now, pick the desired background from a list of options already provided
  • Make sure you select a background that perfectly aligns with the nature of your meeting
  • Once the background is selected, it will be applied right away throughout your Google Meet backdrop

Enjoy your virtual space with your unique appearance and leave a memorable impression.


How to Add a Personalized Background in the Google Meet App?

If you are preparing for your online seminar or podcast, one thing that can interact wisely with your audience is the theme and your presentation. Using a custom background in the Google Meet app is the ideal way to showcase your aesthetics.

Here is how to change the background in Google Meeting by adding a personalized arrangement:

  • Open the Google Meet app on your Android or iPhone
  • Initiate your video call
  • Preview your video by tapping in the right bottom corner
  • Now, add your participants
  • From the bottom, head to the Effect menu
  • Tap the Plus icon
  • This process will allow you to add your custom background
  • Select the image or video file to display as your custom background
  • Now, you will see your custom background right behind you

You can create a series of custom backgrounds for your Google Meet app and use them as a video conferencing backdrop that goes perfectly with the nature of the meeting.


How Can You Delete a Personalized Virtual Background in Google Meet?

Your custom background creations that are no longer required can be deleted to keep your app clean and lightweight.

Here’s how you can delete your personalized virtual background in the Google Meet app:

  • Launch the Google Meet app on your smartphone
  • From the bottom right corner, tap on the Video Preview
  • Choose the custom virtual background you wish to delete
  • Long-press on that custom virtual background
  • This process will display the prompt asking for your consent
  • Tap on Yes
  • The specific custom background is no longer present in your Google Meet


What Are the Capabilities and Limitations of the Google Meet App?

Here are the “competencies” and “constraints” of Google Meet to help you learn more about your favorite virtual space-providing platform that connects you with the rest of the world. It makes you feel the bonding created via digitally attached strings.

Competencies of the Google Meet App:

  • Video conferencing capabilities regardless of the scope or size of the meeting
  • Collaboration with Google Workspace, ensuring effortless scheduling and quick accessing
  • Participants can share screens during meetings, ensuring focus and monitoring
  • Real-time communication functions via chatting and texting, ensuring convenience and boosting teamwork
  • Participants can avail of the facility of keeping meeting recordings for later viewing, in-depth understating, and addressing future flaws
  • This best-practicing platform offers copper-bottomed security features such as encryption
  • During live sessions, participants can share live captions, ensuring convenience and accessibility
  • You and your smartphone are sufficient to join or initiate a meeting
  • Google Calendar integration allows quick referencing and scheduling

Constraints of the Google Meet App:

  • Pricing plans hinder users from using this virtual meetup platform
  • Advanced features are fewer compared to market competitors
  • It requires a strong internet signal for connectivity
  • Fewer options and features are available in a free-plan
  • Google Meet requires your Google Account credentials to access
  • It lacks offering customization capabilities than market rivals
  • Compatibility issues with some apps, such as screen-sharing tools
  • Free users have limited scope to tinker with their Google Meet app’s settings
  • For extra branding options and customization, you might need to download software


Final Words

Adding a personal touch in your official or social settings is a standout trait, and people with a high aesthetic level always try to be different, unique, and creative. So, when it comes to Google Meet backgrounds, users started searching the ways to change their virtual space’s settings to be confident and different. TECHBYTEX provides relevant knowledge and information about replacing the background settings of Google Meet. You can use three functional approaches to satisfy your creativity needs and preferences. This article outlines that how you can swap backgrounds during virtual meetings using Google Meet by utilizing the official app’s settings, through a third-party app, or by implementing your custom background creations.

Whether you are using virtual meetup platforms for work, remote learning, or catching up with your mates and family, rule out Google Meet with your distinguishing style and mood. Transform your Google Meet backgrounds to stand out! Happy swapping!