Explore Best Apps to Make Memes on iPhone


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Making meme magic is still on the go, and it has become one of the most fascinating ways to influence the audience. Whether it’s Grumpy Cat or Success Kid, the mania is still alive to rock your social media profiles. Making memes is a captivating pleasure that can demonstrate your wit and aesthetics.

This article outlines how to make meme on iPhones. A meme is an enticing picture conveying a special message, making it worthwhile. In this blog post, you will examine meme-maker apps along with their respective features.

So, let’s get started by exploring the best meme creator apps for iPhones.


Best Meme Generator Apps for iPhone

Do you love socializing? Then making memes could be an enthralling experience, mirroring the current trend. You can share your meme creations on your social media platforms and make them go viral. The top iPhone meme-making apps are the subject of some insightful data that we have gathered. So, if you are interested in jumping on the bandwagon, feel free and safe to give it a try!

Here you go!


1- YouCam Perfect


Let’s take a look at the features of YouCam Perfect:


  • Best for making fun memes
  • Capable of integrating:

Text styles, Stickers, Layers

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • A robust free meme maker app for both iPhone and Android in 2023
  • It allows diverse editing functionalities, such as:

Cropping, Resizing

  • Offers a wide array of filters and effects to stand in the competition


2- GIF Maker – Make Video to GIFs


Here is everything you need to know about GIF Maker, a reliable meme-creator app:


  • Make a free meme with GIF Maker (offers in-app purchases)
  • GIF Makers is compatible with iOS 12.2 or later versions
  • This meme app is capable of creating GIFs from any mood, event, occasion, emotion, or trend in a jiffy
  • Offers fun memes and allows users to create GIF memes and publish them on digital podiums
  • The interface of this meme app is intuitive and straightforward, ensuring the user’s convenience


3- Memes.com


Here are the distinguishing features of Memes.com:


  • It’s a free meme creator app (Offers In-App Purchases)
  • Memes.com is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later versions
  • It is one of the best-picked meme generator apps for iPhone, accommodating a variety of genres
  • Capable of creating impactful memes quickly
  • Additionally, it features tagging videos and pictures with interesting captions
  • It houses a massive collection of images, videos, GIFs, fonts, and stickers
  • Allows effortless sharing with family and friends


4- GIF Maker – ImgPlay


Here are the unique features of GIF Maker-ImgPlay that you must know:


  • GIF Maker-ImgPlay is a free app meme (Offers in-app purchases)
  • It is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later versions
  • Additionally, it is purposefully built to ensure convenience and fun
  • GIF Maker-ImgPlay boasts a vast collection of:
  1. Comical animated stickers
  2. A diverse range of filter options
  • Thanks to the pen sketching capability of GIF Maker-ImgPlay, it ensures more personalized creations that stand out in the world of memes
  • GIF Maker-ImgPlay allows users to create their own video with a custom GIF
  • It provides a clear, user-friendly interface.
  • GIF Maker-ImgPlay features multiple camera modes to create a photo meme


5- Meme Maker Pro Design Memes


Let’s take a look at the Meme Maker Pro Design Memes app’s features:


  • Free best meme maker app (Offers In-App Purchases)
  • Supports iOS 13.0 or later versions
  • Capable of creating unique, funny, and interesting memes
  • Packed with editing functionalities
  • An easy and straightforward meme app for iPhone users
  • Offers a wide collection of templates
  • Assists in creating custom memes using a text editor, filters, colors, and more
  • Capable of creating captivating memes using a new layout tool to edit images and make collages


6- PhotoDirector Photo Editor


If you are seeking a meme app that can create epochal meme posts, then you should consider PhotoDirector Photo Editor.


  • PhotoDirector Photo Editor is a free meme creator app (Offers in-app purchases)
  • It is compatible with iOS 12.3 or later versions
  • PhotoDirector Photo Editor is renowned for creating a meme blitz frenzy across social media platforms
  • It can benefit both occasional users and professionals
  • Additionally, PhotoDirector Photo Editor offers an intuitive user-friendly interface, ensuring convenience and quick creation
  • Thanks to AI integration, the app offers the ability to animate your photographs
  • Utilizes a variety of editing functionalities to provide extensive support to users of all skill levels.
  • Create custom memes using stickers, frames, and special effects
  • Thanks to PhotoDirector Photo Editor’s multi-layer meme editing capability


7- Meta Meme Video-Image Maker


Here are the unique features of Meta Meme Video-Image Maker:


  • Meta Meme Video-Image Maker is a free app (Offers In-App Purchases)
  • Supports iOS 11.0 or later versions
  • Capable of creating video and image memes efficiently and quickly for your iPhone
  • Having the ability to add text to videos and images
  • It boasts a wide collection of editing tools
  • Meta Meme Video-Image Maker adds a watermark to your custom creations


8- Dopameme Meme Maker Memes


It’s a meme-maker mayhem that offers intriguing features.


  • Dopameme Meme Maker Memes is a free meme-generator app
  • Compatible with iOS 12.0 or later versions
  • Capable of creating memes from a variety of sources like photographs, videos, and GIFs.
  • Allows users the ability to create custom-designed captions using various in-app functions
  • Offers in-built meme templates to create personalized meme creations for social media platforms
  • Dopameme Meme Maker Memes do not add watermarks to memes and GIFs


9- Mematic


For creating epic viral memes, consider Mematic for promising results.


  • Quick and easy creation
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices
  • Offers collage and layout tools
  • Create custom photo memes by integrating text, stickers, and images
  • The intuitive interface boasts intriguing meme templates


10- Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker


If you are a passionate meme creator, then you should consider Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker.


  • Free app (Offers In-App Purchases)
  • Compatible with iOS 14.0 or later versions
  • Make custom memes by selecting the “Create” option
  • Maintains a broad collection of pre-made memes across various genres
  • Capable of exporting impactful memes


11- Canva


Canva is renowned for its unique photo editing functionalities. In addition to this feature, it is also a reliable pick as a meme app.


  • Canva is an ideal app for creating memes for social media platforms
  • It is feature-packed with editing functionalities
  • Additionally, it supports both iOS and Android devices
  • Being a robust photo editor and graphic design app, Canva is also matchless for creating memes without spending any money
  • Thanks to the Canvas text tool, which excels at creating personalized creations by adding stickers
  • It offers unconditional support to all popular social media platforms


12- Meme Generator

Here are the unique features of the Meme Generator:


  • Meme Generator utilizes templates to create fascinating memes
  • It supports both iOS and Android devices
  • Additionally, Meme Generator boasts over 2,000 meme templates to ignite your wit and aesthetics
  • Meme Generator is capable of creating GIF memes and personalized images
  • It features vast editing capabilities
  • Users can add funny text and other unique effects using Meme Generator’s over 60 fonts


13- Memedroid: Funny Memes & Gifs


Here are the impressive features of the Memedroid meme creator app:


  • Memedroid is a free (Offers In-App Purchases) meme app
  • It is Compatible with iOS 10.0 or later versions
  • Additionally, this meme app is capable of creating funny GIFs and memes efficiently and quickly
  • Your shareable meme creation can bring smiles and giggles
  • It keeps you connected with other meme artists on the broader spectrum
  • Memedroid notifies users with timely updates regarding new meme templates


How To Create Impactful Memes?

Creating epochal meme posts is the aspiration of every creator. Here are a few effective tips that can help your memes go viral for an extended period:

  • Avoid creating a monotonous stream of memes that may lead to boredom
  • Use a judicious mix of evergreen popular memes with current trending images/videos
  • Always keep in mind that memes are meant to spread smiles, giggles, and laughter
  • Creating a meme to target a niche audience is more likely to go viral


The Final Takeaways

A photo meme can be more inspiring and captivating than a catchy post filled with enticing words. This article has outlined a collection of robust and reliable meme-creator apps for the iPhone in 2023. We have provided comprehensive support to users who want to learn How to make it meme on their iPhones using meme-generator apps. Any of the above-mentioned meme apps, such as GIF Maker, YouCam Perfect, Canva, and others, perform remarkably well.

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