USTV247.TV Shut Down: Sorry, We are Closed


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A few days earlier, USTV247 had disenchanted the huge fandom with a creepy message, Sorry, We are Close. The apprehensive message is surprising yet disturbing. It is pertinent to note, USTV247 was not an ordinary live TV website though, one of the most sought-after podiums available for streaming sports and other programs for free online. The streaming site was a home of hundreds of channels segregated into Entertainment, News, Kids, Sports, and more. It was a clone streaming site of the talk-up USTVGO website. Both have akin channel options and layouts as well. The audience is confused and befuddled by a goodbye message from USTV247, curious to know the reason for the sudden shutdown, and is enthused to know the looming plans.

USTV247 was known for its engaging streaming services

USTV247 was one of the darling streaming sites and was substantially known for all the right reasons. For instance, it was a hub of:

  • Hundreds of free channels in several brackets
  • Compatible with any internet-connected device
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Free from the hazards of registration
  • Popular news channels
  • Entertainment channels
  • Sports channels
  • Kids channels
  • 100% free to watch
  • VPN friendly
  • Settings configuration

What is meant by the message appearing on USTV247?TV site?

Everyone wants to know the actual meaning of the text flashing on the site, whether it is a simple goodbye or the site owners are intending to say, see you later either. It has happened a few days ago when USTVGO users were shown a disillusioning message. Out of the blue, the site’s pristine homepage, which was usually festooned with links to over a hundred channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Nickelodeon, was swapped with just four simple yet baffling words; Sorry, we are closed.

It seems that the popular live TV streaming portal USTVGO has shut down its service. A brief message on the site,  “Sorry, we are closed,” has left millions of users disconcerted. The decision is sudden but rightsholders and anti-piracy outfits already had USTV247 on their radar. If rumors and speculations are to be believed, the streaming site is under the sod. Both USTVGO and its sister site USTV247.TV are closed, and the respective Twitter accounts are also suspended. It is undeniably saddening news for millions of monthly users, as USTVGO/USTV247 was one of the most visited live TV sports on the Internet.

Everything you need to know about USTV247

Let’s take a dig deep to know a few important details about USTV247

What Is USTV247?

USTV247 is a top-tier live TV site that offers users a variety of top-drawer streaming content. Plus, whether you are a housewife or a university lecturer, a boss or a student, or even a toddler USTV247 has something for everyone. It offers a massive catalog of popular channels and shows to amuse a vast audience. Additionally, USTV247 also offers an all-inclusive news section, keeping watchers well-informed with the latest news coverage from every nook and corner of the world. It includes:

  • Local news
  • Sports
  • Reality TV
  • International films
  • Cartoons

USTV247.TV empowers users to watch everything they want in high-definition quality via computer or mobile device. The site worked in the US and around the world with a VPN. The portal has strongly created a bonding between cord-cutting Americans and those living abroad. Plus, it has some stand-out features that stand it out from the crowd. For instance,

  • The site is clean
  • Quickly loads the Live TV shows
  • No hammering of Ads or Pop-ups

The site offers over 80+ premium live tv channels, such as

  • Cartoon Network
  • ESPN
  • Fox Sports
  • Discovery
  • NGC
  • History
  • ABC
  • Showtime
  • Science
  • NBC
  • TCM
  • CBS
  • CMT
  • Cinemax
  • CNN
  • Disney
  • WWE Network
  • Fox
  • HBO
  • truTV and many more

It is very shocking what has happened with a site that crowns over 20 million users worldwide. Plus, both streaming sites were incessantly working over the past few years with no issues reported.

Is there any USTV247 App?

Yes, there is a USTV247 App that lets you watch live TV on your mobile device. Plus, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can easily download the app from the respective App stores.

Here are a few enchanting features of the USTV247 App

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Unobstructed live shows
  • You can record your favorite live show

“USTV Go Sorry we Are Closed”, is it a temporary or permanent fiasco?

The situation is uncertain, and only speculations can be made regarding the sudden shutdown of USTVGO/USTV247 with the message Sorry, we are closed. User across the globe are reporting their issues regarding streaming portals. The complaints are:

  • Site is down
  • Unable to load on the browser
  • Nord VPN users are also facing issues

If we sneak a peek into the history of live-streaming sites, it seems the site is gone for good. The error message is flashing, Twitter accounts are suspended, and importantly discord server is also gone.

However, possibilities are rare that the mysterious disappearance would be short-lived. Sad to say, the site never seemed on the U.S. Trade Representative’s list of notorious pirate sites. Lately, TV streaming sites have been beleaguered by DMCA notices sent by Sports networks, who had been streaming their channels on the site. The primary reason for the sudden gone, we have presumed is the free access of USTVGO and USTV247 to live TV channels which they have no right to do so. Plus, these sites are not strictly legit, and speculations are there, that a shutdown was destined to happen sooner or later. It might be the probable reason for USTV247’s sudden disappearance.

Despite surfacing any official word in the media, it is speculated that these sites regardless of being extremely popular have been shut down for good. However, we presumed that the service will be a bounce back with a different name. Till then, you can switch to other alternatives to USTV247.

Here are the top alternatives of USTV247


USTV247 is suspended, is it a legal issue?

Yes, it seems so because the service of USTVGO and USTV247 falls in a foggy uncertain legal grey area. The free streaming site might face financial glitches due to free streaming. Now, it is up to you, whether you want to live in uncertainty and want to enjoy free streaming, or are intended to bear the risk of the stream. We strongly advise you to invest in a plan to spend your leisure time without any risk.

The fate of USTV247 is pretty obvious based on these factor:

  • The site uses a TV domain for both of its services
  • All social accounts have been suspended
  • The message note on the site

Final Words

USTVGO and USTV247 were exceptional sites for streaming live TV channels for free, but now they are no more, might have gone for good. However, there are some alternatives you can switch to reap the benefits of free streaming. You can also download free Live TV apps that are also dependable and worth looking at. You can easily install them on Android and iOS devices. Bear in mind, live TV apps are not always 100% reliable. Sometimes they don’t work, and it can be irking. Because you have spent time and energy installing them.