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There is much more fun added to android apps today than a decade ago. Living and enjoying in a virtual realm is an enticing reality. To more surprise, you can build connections and make virtual friends to chat with. These entities are in fact bots that are capable to create chat threads that sound realistic and human-like. Faketalk by BAEK has earned massive popularity and bagged over a million users till now.


It is a creepy experience though to chat with people who do not exist, but everything which is a bit far from reality kindles human curiosity. FakeTalk is like a chatterbox created for the sake of fun. Plus, it offers you a ChatBot to set up a real environment for chatting with your friends.


Is FakeTalk A Real Chatting App?

No, it is not a real platform to find friends and chat with them. On the contrary, it is an imaginary podium where you make imaginary friends for making jokes and interesting stories. So, make friends with FakeTalk, chat with them, and have endless fun. You can even chat with celebrities, obviously unreal to tease your friends. However, it seems quite realistic, and this chit-chat is courtesy of the app’s artificial intelligence.


How You Can Play With FakeTalk?


  • Launch FakeTalk Chatbox MOD APK
  • Create a user
  • Create one character to converse with
  • Chat with any virtual friend app creates for you
  • No price worries, the app is free to use
  • You can send emojis, files
  • You can avail of chat features like other chatting apps

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Fascinating Features of FakeTalk Chatbox MOD APK

Here are the astounding features of the app that can take you to the virtual realm in a jiffy:

  • You can get your chat mate as per the information and characteristics you want to see in your friend
  • The chat tool requires specific information like gender, nationality, age, height, weight, and other details you are enthused to give
  • Your customized friend depicts all the qualities you want in him/ her, and it is the most intriguing feature of FakeTalk
  • FakeTalk allows you to add one of the four distinct characters to make your creation stand out
  • Chatbot and FakeTalk can help people make friends in real life
  • It is the captivating podium of making relationships without bothering about privacy hazards and hurting someone’s feelings during the chat
  • You can share jokes and laughter with your friend, and even talk about your worries
  • The bot works instinctively and can take initiative at times to start the conversation, especially when you want someone to console you
  • Feelings of being judged are left behind, as bot allows you to express your real side
  • It is an excellent podium that lets you learn the ways to initiate a healthy conversation with anyone
  • FakeTalk Chatbot app allows unlimited messaging, and you do not need to bother about the availability of your friend, as he/she is always there for you
  • It offers multi-lingual support to give you a truly warm feeling


Final Words

FakeTalk is truly a wistful creation of the imagination. We all want true friends who accept who we are, make us laugh louder, smile brighter, and live better. Some people are good at making friends, on the contrary, a few find themselves struggling to choose someone and start a conversation.

Several insecurities hamper them to take the initiative such as a lack of confidence, fears of being judged, and many more. In this scenario, FakeTalk is an exceptional AI app that can help people in making friends in real life.