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How to use icloud to erase your phone

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Using iCloud for erasing your phone is no biggie, nor it consumes your lots of time. The way to do it is to use Find My iPhone feature on iCloud and being an iPhone user it is highly suggested that you must setup Find my iPhone switched on. If your device have this setup only then you would be able to erase your phone by using iCloud. If you already erased the data, then you can also restore the data using iCloud.

Benefits of erasing your phone using iCloud:

  1. The major benefit of erasing your iphone is it tends to save your data for being exploit.
  2. One another benefit is it helps to fix in case you forget your iPhone Password.

You can also erase data by other ways such as:

If you are erasing your device distantly then you required your Apple ID and password it’s because your device needs to be reactivated. For coping up with the activation lock you need to reactivate it.

Before getting started let’s make it clear at the outset that if you are erasing your device by using your own computer then you can skip the step of verification in the future by clicking at “Trust”.

Erase your phone:

  • Go to icloud.com
  • Sign in using your apple account
  • Head over to Find My iPhone Icon

go to find my iphone erase phone - How to use icloud to erase your phone

  • First of all choose the device the one you want to erase
  • You will have the Info window in the device so you need to click at “Erase”

find my iphone erase phone - How to use icloud to erase your phone

  • Provide your Apple ID and password (for iOs /Apple watch)
  • Provide a phone number and message if your device is iOS 8 or the later one.

For Mac:

  • Provide your passcode for unlocking your device (Mac)
  • Now enter a message


In case your device is not connected with the internet connection then the process of erasing device will be at hold up, the moment it gets online the process will start remotely.

An email is sent to user when the device is erases, so you will receive an email in this regard. when you receive it you must click “Remove from Account”.

Keep in mind that this is the best practice to keep your device as Trusted so you don’t have to paas the verification in case your phone is not with you. If you want to erase your data purposely due to many other reasons than you can set up your iPhone device from beginning.

That’s all about deletion your device, the whole process takes a very little time and energy of yours, just stay connected for receiving an email that will confirm the deletion.

Using these steps you can easily erase all your data using iCloud, but the most important pre-requisite of this feature is to keep Find My iPhone feature switched on.

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