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Unknown Sources in Android – Everything you need to know

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unknown sources in android

A great majority of users are all of a doodah about the term “Unknown sources” in android device. It sounds to be a creep label but there is nothing scary about it as there is nothing complicated about it. It is actually a source for apps you want to install that is not trusted and this feature has been disabled by default due to the security of your android device. Trusted here means that a trusted source is one that the company you provided money to, the company who created it and lastly the company who wrote the software all have vouched for.

Now what boggles your mind is that why a company should allow you to install apps that they do not trust. It is wise to not to take any app blindly from anywhere because some of these bring virus and malware along with them and it stays even after you remove these apps from you device. So only opt for the apps and the place you know better about.

How to turn on the Unknown Sources

How to turn on unknown sources in android

  • Head up to device settings and open it.
  • Move down to the System section and hit on Security.
  • Now move down to the entry labeled Unknown sources and go through the subtext as it is wise to read all subtext in a security section of settings.
  • There will be a popup box that says Google isn’t responsible if you install apps from places they do not clearly trust and then click OK to turn it on or to enable the setting

So now after reading this tutorial you know that Android supports you to enable the Unknown sources Settings and by enabling it you will be able to download apps and games from sources other than Google to your device.

It is admitted that Android’s vigour is that it always comes up with the simplest operating systems, as how handy it is to sideload apps that are not hosted on Google Play Store. You don’t have to be restricted to follow any hair-pulling procedure and methods for this. You just need to permit the sideloading apps on your Android device by enabling a single option.

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Sideloading Apps(Apps from other sources)

Since your Unknown Source settings are on now you can simply download any APK installer file to your device, just tap the Download complete notification to launch it>press the Install button. Within a while you will be able to use Sideloaded app.

All the queries and hitches will be resolved now for sure as the above mentioned guideline has helped you a lot in developing a better understanding with the term Unknown Source Settings in Android.

To wrap it up Unknown Source settings is not any mysterious creature or a Dracula that will make your device start bleeding, its just a setting that allows you to get the apps that aren’t available at Google Play store, so just stay cautious while taking ANY app from ANY where. Make sure the place is safe and the app you are interesting in downloading is worthy enough to get.

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