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How to turn on and connect to Bluetooth devices in iPhone

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iPhone goes great with hundreds of valuable and handy devices via Bluetooth. Through our Bluetooth on iPhone you can easily transfer and receive files. The technology of Bluetooth or BLE  is attuned with speakers, keyboards, headsets and there is much more that we feel the need to connect to sometimes and pair our devices with them.

Read How to Pair and UnPair Bluetooth device in iPhone for step by step details how we can pair our devices.

In case you are facing some issue related to bluetooth connectivity and pairing then you need to take steps mentioned here: iPhone not Connecting to Bluetooth Fix

Before getting started there are some handful of important things you need to take into account lets see what they are:

  1. iPhone will get connected with an iPhone device OR Ble Devices only (No Android or Windows)
  2. if your iPhone is at distance then it won’t be able to get connected and won’t catch the signals of Bluetooth, so keep in mind the short range of Bluetooth
  3. You have to set your Bluetooth device the one you are going to pair to iPhone in discoverable mode. (check the device’s manual in case you get any difficulty).

Let’s come to the point and see how we can turn on Bluetooth in iPhone and it can be done in two ways:

Two ways of switching on Bluetooth in your iPhone:

There are two ways through which you can turn on your bluetooth in your Phone. If someone else wants to connect with your device and you want to get your device discovered than you can easily turn it on from Control center as explained in point to. To connect it to Ble devices you would have to choose the first method to turn it on using the settings. We mostly don’t feel the need to transfer files between mobiles due to the existence of WiFi for data sharing. For more information about Wifi Check:

So getting back to the point let’s look at these two ways to turn on and connect our bluetooth with other devices.

Turn it on Using Settings:

When you turn on Bluetooth by using settings apps then you get a list of Bluetooth devices that will be available in range. From that list you will select your preferred one:

how to turn on and connect bluetooth iphone techbytex - How to turn on and connect to Bluetooth devices in iPhone

  1. First go to the settings app
  2. Now select General and tap it
  3. By tapping General you will see the option of Bluetooth
  4. By tapping the Bluetooth option it will turn on
  5. It is turns green then it means it is On
  6. Now a list is open in which all the discoverable Bluetooth devices will be listed
  7. Now tap the one you want to pair or connect with
  8. Provide a passcode if you are asked for security purposes

Note: We don’t always need to enter a passcode for devices, esp. when we are pairing or connected to BLE devices such as headsets, speakers or Fitbit watches. 

That’s it! If your iPhone belongs to the older version then next to the paired device a checkmark will get visible. If your iPhone is amongst the new versions then next to the device “Connected” will be visible.

Through Control Center:

Turn on bluetooth from control center - How to turn on and connect to Bluetooth devices in iPhone

  1. From the bottom of your screen you need to swipe up
  2. Seek for the Bluetooth icon and tap it
  3. You have to tap it for turning it on and off

If you want see some option then you can do it by pressing the button for a little longer.

To wrap it up these were the two ways for turning on and connecting Bluetooth with other devices in your iPhone, after getting your desired work done on Bluetooth you better turn it off as keeping in on can consume the battery.

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