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15 Top Android Paid Apps you definitely need to try

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Android is a loved by tons of its users as it is very advanced secondly its Play Store that is provided by Google comprises such amazing android apps in it that is admired and applauded by many. Some apps are free and some android apps are paid, but the point is its really worth-paying as you can make the most out of them.

Through these awesome android paid apps, you can unimaginably customize your Android Phone. Paid apps don’t mean that you have to pay a gigantic amount, no way, these paid apps aren’t ultra-pricey at all.


Major Benefits of Android Paid Apps

  • They offer great features
  • They offer a promising security and privacy
  • You get the regular updates
  • No annoying ads

So, we have amassed a collection of some super cool Android Paid apps, so let’s have a look at each:


  1. Nova Launcher Prime

Price: $4.99

Those who have used its free version can imagine that its paid version has so much to offer, mainly it’s about some amazing gestures. Now look at its features.


  • Custom icon swipes
  • Great scroll effects
  • Unread counts


  1. Poweramp

Price: $3.99

It is a music player, it comes with really advanced features. For all the music lovers this app is a real treat.


  • Stereo growth
  • Diverse band-Optimized graphic based equalizers
  • Custom equalizers
  • Balance
  • Mono-mixing


  1. Tasker

Price: $4.3

It offers numerous features that mainly includes complete automation. Look at its other cool features.


  • 28 system settings dialogues
  • It has Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi


  1. Manual Camera

Price: $2.99

This app offers a plenty of manual controls for the users. In a nominal price you get a classic thing to enjoy.


  • Manual Controls
  • Great exposure
  • White balance

Here are some apps to hide pictures and videos in android phones.


  1. Talon for Twitter

Price: $3.99

This app offers a peculiar feature of creating custom swipe-able pages. Look at its other features:


  • Night mode
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Multiple Mute options
  • GIF
  • Native Playback of videos


  1. PocketCasts

Price: $3.99

It is believed to be the finest podcast app and undoubtedly yes, it is. It allows you to switch between audio & Video without any difficulty.


  • Sleep timer
  • Having filters
  • Variety of podcasts


  1. MX Player Pro

Price: $5.99

This app supports nearly diverse video formats. Let’s see what-else it offers

Features :

  • Ad-free
  • Gestures
  • Multi-code decoding
  • HW & SW acceleration


  1. Unified Remote Full

Price: $3.99

Though it is also available in free version but this paid one has so much to offer. As the name shows it is Remote Control app.



  • 90+ Remotes
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Voice Commands
  • IR actions
  • Widgets


  1. Moon+ Reader Pro

Price: $4.99

It is an app that is full of great features, those who love reading will also love to use this app.


  • Themes
  • Night-Mode
  • Highlights
  • Auto-scrolling
  • annotations


  1. Sleep as Android

Price: $3.99

It is mainly an Alarm clock app but the additional thing it has is the built-in cycle tracker. It is for those who are concerned about their health and fitness. Look at its other features


  • Sleep tracking
  • Records your whispering during slumber
  • Keep tabs on your sleep deprivation

Also check these amazing apps to block numbers and unwanted calls on your Android phone.


  1. You Are Your Gym

Price: $4.99

This is another remarkable app for your fitness and health issues. It guides you with excellent exercises for bodyweight. This app has the best rating and you can trust it.


  • Collection of body weight exercises
  • Diverse exercises above than 200 in number


  1. SKRWT

Price: $1.49

SKRWT is believed to be the most prevailing perception more-ever it is a tool of lens correction. Get it in a little price and have fun in your Android device.


  • Great editing tool for your images
  • Sophisticated tools for enhancing the beauty of your camera clicks



  1. Vocabulary.com

Price: $2.9 

It is for enhancing your vocabulary and to skill you in vocabulary. It is driven by most advanced and niftiest dictionary.


  • Algorithms
  • 120,000 queries to teach twelve thousand words

So these are some of the remarkable and awesome Android Paid Apps that promise to provide you a great fun and cherish you in many influential ways. By paying a little you can have great perks to enjoy. This is not just about enjoyment rather it is something beyond the zeal and zest of fun and delight. Some are giving you a guide about your fitness, some promise to build up your vocabulary, so learning, entertainment and information is there for to have by just paying a small amount. This little price is set by the Developers of the certain apps, this amount is taken by Google by a user who downloads the app

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