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How to Stop or make your iPhone Screen rotate

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how to stop your iPhone from rotating

Screen rotation is a feature that sometimes turns beneficial and sometimes really ticks you off when you are watching something and holding your iPhone and it just flips its orientation because of the wrong angle, it really makes your heckles rise at that pesky moment, but sometimes it also makes you view your screen better esp. when you are watching some videos!

When you relaxing are at your cozy bed then you usually want to enjoy your favorite game or want to watch your desired show on your phone but the sudden tossing of screen distorts your whole mojo!

So let’s get to learn how to make or stop your screen from rotation besides that if you are not interested in the rotation of screen while changing the device position then all you need is to use the screen rotation lock feature that is built into the iOS.

How to make or stop your iPhone screen Rotate


control center to stop rotation


  • Control Center has to be turned ON in iOS 7 and onwards
  • Move upwards from the bottom of the screen to approach the Control Center
  • Seek for the top row of icons, you have to discover for the icon that displays a lock with a curve arrow around it, it will be located at the right side of the screen and that’s the screen rotation lock.
  • Hit that icon of rotation lock in order to lock the screen to its present and existing position. The icon will turn highlighted in white that shows a rotation lock has been enabled. But in case you have already turned in on and you need to turn it on then you have to do vice versa.

              Note: in iOS 7-9 it turns white and in iOS 10 it turns red.

  • Single click the Home Button for one more time to go back to your apps


How to turn off/on the screen rotation lock

  • Head to Control center
  • Hit the screen rotation lock button again that will turn of the icon in white/red and it will disappear
  • Close the Control center

     This feature might not work when the battery is low and the battery icon turns red as rotating the comsumes more battery in some case and                             

How to disable/enable the screen rotation in iOS 4-6

  • You need to double-click the Home button, it will reveal the multitasking bar and that will be located at the lower side of the screen
  • Now swipe from left to right it will bring the music playback controls, you will notice the icon of screen rotation at the far left
  • Swipe left to right until you can’t swipe anymore. This should reveal music playback controls and the screen rotation lock icon at the far left
  • For enabling the icon of screen rotation lock tap it again as it will turn it disable

So reading this useful trick you can now easy turn off or on your rotation in iPhones. Uninvited rotation of screen is always pesky but again this feature is also a useful one at times! It is said to be the most useful aspect characteristic of iPhone and iPad touch that they know how the user is carrying them and then it rotates the screen accordingly.  It takes place because of the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, these same sensors function while playing a game as they allow you to control the game by moving your device itself.


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