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How to save and restore whatsapp backup using icloud

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How to save and restore whatsapp backup using icloud

iCloud backup feature can be used to save our back up and restore your whatsapp chat history in case we switch mobiles or we reinstall whatsapp in our devices. Being an iphone user you might also need to check how you can delete whatsapp chats from iphone.

Proceeding further let’s check how we can play with our backups and how we don’t have to worry about losing our data anymore.

How to store whatsapp backup on icloud

whatsapp chat backup and restore settings

Get started:

  • Head up to Whatsapp Settings
  • Hit chats
  • Find Chat Backup
  • Tap Backup

This can also be done by enabling automatic by tapping Auto Backup>select your Backup frequency. By doing this you will be able to back up all your chats and media to your iCloud account. You will have the freedom to choose whether you want to include or exclude videos from the backup.


The backup process banks upon the size of backup moreover it depends upon the internet connection you have.

Look at the requirements:

  • User is supposed to have iOS 7 or later ones
  • User has to sign into iCloud by iPhone Settings>iCloud
  • If you have iOS 7 then you will proceed: Documents & Data

(iphone Settings>iCloud> Documents & Data, turn it ON

  • If a user has iOS 8 or later then he will proceed: iCloud Drive, he needs to turn ON (iPhone Settings>iCloud>icloud Drive)
  • Ensure a plenty of free space on both your iPhone and iCloud

How to Restore chat history from iCloud

  • Remove and reinstall the app from the App Store.
  • Get your phone number verified
  • Proceed the on-screen prompts in order to recover your chat history.
  • Make sure the phone number used for backing up and recovering has to be the same one.
  • The chat history can never be restored by another WhatsApp account. By sharing an icloud account you will be supported to keep your backups isolated.

Unable to create a backup?

  1. Get it confirmed that you are logged into iCloud in iPhone Settings
  2. Ensure that iCloud is switched On in iPhone Settings>iCloud.
  3. Being a user of iOS 7 you are supposed to seek for Documents & Data instead of iCloud Drive.
  4. Make sure your iCloud account have plenty of free space for creating a backUp

You can check the available space on your iCloud by heading up to iPhone Settings>iCloud>Storage.

Try the manual backup on a changed or different network. It is preferred to get connected with the network you most likely to use as icloud is aimed to work perfectly and desire fully in the geographical location from where you tend to connect most repeatedly.

So that is how you can create back up and you can store your Whatsapp back up in icloud on your iphone. Want to check the some whatsapp features for android?

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