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How to restore and back up your iPhone with iTunes

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It was the early times when we had this chances of losing our valuable data but now when we are using iPhone we can easily store a backup of our device. Here we have explained how we can easily restore and back up your data with iTunes. A backup of your iPhone comprises the following things:

  1. Device settings
  2. Home screen
  3. App data
  4. iMessages and texts
  5. App organization
  6. Ringtones
  7. Visual voicemail passcode
  8. Health data
  9. Photos and videos
  10. Homekit configuration

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Why do you need to back up using Itunes:

The first thought that can come across your mind is why after all you need to back up your iPhone. Well just imagine an ugly situation that you happen to lose your device or it gets stolen and now all your valuable data, pictures and what not are at high risk. Did this give you goose bumps? Surely it does so now you know that it is vital to back up all your data with iTunes. By using iTunes you can back up your iPhone and all its valuable stuff mentioned above moreover photos and videos are only backed up if you aren’t having iCloud Photo Library enabled on your iPhone/iPad/Mac. Being an iPhone user you should also read:

There are many uses of it and the utmost one is it is wise to backup all your precious data before it goes in wrong hands.

Why you should backup your iPhone:

  • It is good to fix the issue of slow running iphone
  • It is good to fix the issue of any inner problem of iphone
  • It is good to fix the long annoying pause before being able to scroll in contacts
  • It is good to fix the slow access to the sms application
  • It is good to fix any problem that occurs during an update

how to back up your iPhone device using iTunes:

Procedure of backup using itunes:

latest backups in itunes - How to restore and back up your iPhone with iTunes

  1. Get your device connected with computer
  2. Open iTunes
  3. You will see the Device icon in iTunes window at the left side, click that icon
  4. Now from the sidebar select Summary, you can be asked to provide your passcode
  5. Select your iPhone the moment it appears in iTunes
  6. Select ‘This Computer’ under ‘Automatically Back up’
  7. You will be asked to Tick the box for ‘Encrypt (Device) backup, so tick the box in order to ensure that your Passcode, Homekit data, health data is backed up.
  8. Create a password for protecting your encrypted backups.
  9. Your passwords will be stored in Keychain automatically.
  10. If you are done with all that then click DONE.


How to restore your iphone from an iTunes backup:

Before you get started make sure you disable Find My iPhone because only then you would be able to use iTunes to restore from a backup. There are also some other procedures such as restoring from backup using iCloud.  For now let’s stick to iTunes and follow the step by step procedure to restore you data back to your device.how to back up iphone using itunes - How to restore and back up your iPhone with iTunes

  1. Get your iPhone connect with your computer
  2. Now launch itunes on your computer
  3. In the iTunes window you will see a Device Icon so click that icon (on the upper left corner)
  4. Look at the menu on the left and click at Summary
  5. Just make it clear that the box is ticked for automatically backing up to This Computer
  6. Click at Restore Back up
  7. After seeing the option, you will be asked to select your device
  8. After selecting your device click Restore
  9. You can be asked to provide your password for unlocking your iphone backups, so enter your password for your encrypted back up.
  10. Do not disconnect your device and wait for it to sync with computer. After the sync gets completed you may disconnect.

And you are finally done with restoring your device. So that’s how you can backup and restore your device from an iTunes back up, there is absolutely no complexity involved throughout the process. It will take your little time in getting all the procedure done successfully.

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