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Here is how you can reset your samsung galaxy s9

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how to factory reset samsung galaxy s9 - Here is how you can reset your samsung galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy s9 is believed to be the finest smartphone that has too much to offer. Yet it is not possible to be totally away from any sort of error. It is usually and common that smartphones despite being so useful and incredible happen to go through some certain errors. And to solve these errors we sometimes have to reset our android phones.

For samsung galaxy users:


Major perk of factory reset

  • Factory Reset is one of the quickest solution and a trouble-shooter for such errors and issues. It takes the device to its default factory settings by entirely uninstalling third-party apps.
  • Third-party files get also deleted in this way


NOTE: By factory resetting there will be no apps, messages, apps, contacts, music, videos and pictures will be gone, so before getting started it is suggested highly to have a backup of all these.


How to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Head up to your Home Screen
  2. Swipe upwards to pull out the App Tray
  3. Go to Settings then ‘Cloud and Accounts’ and then Backup and Restore
  4. There will be sliders you need to tap your desired one ‘Back up my data’, ‘Automatic restore’.
  5. Hit the Back Key, it will take you to the main Settings menu
  6. Now hit General Management > Reset > Factory data reset
  7. Scroll down and tap on Reset –DELETE ALL
  8. In case your screen lock is enabled then provide your identifications
  9. If you are asked for the verification of Samsung account then provide the password and hit Confirm
  10. Wait for a little while so it gets complete.

Now after you will reset your Samsung galaxy S9, your device is like it just came from the factory, so set it up the way you want. The issues and errors will too be gone as factory reset tends to solve such things perfectly. No matter what was on the blink whether a frozen struck screen or the touch screen issues, what ever it is the factory Reset promises to deal with them.

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