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3 Steps to remove virus from Android Phones

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The usage of Android devices is huge and diverse, gone are the days when phones were confined to say Hello Hi to your near and dear ones. Now time has changes and the evolution has brought so many feattures in your phones. Talking about Android Devices, we use them for multi-purposes, some are related to work and some are linked with entertainment. The point is these android devices are sophisticated and sensitive, this sensitivity makes them prone to get infected quite easily and your android phones can easily catch viruses. But no worries there are definitely some measures and solutions in this regard that you can try to remove virus from your android.

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How does the virus enter in your Android device

  • It can enter by any app that you install manually on your Android device
  • It can enter in your device in a result of your wrongly tapping somewhere


Step 1: Remove virus on Android through safe mode

  1. You need to press and grasp the Power Button
  2. This will show you Power Off Options
  3. Select to restart your device in Safe Mode

How to restart your phone into safe mode


Step 2: Go to the Setting Menu

By going to the Settings-Menu you will be able view the list of downloaded apps so you can remove the unwanted one, you have to look for the one you got to download involuntarily. So, lets proceed further:

  1. Head up to the Settings menu
  2. Select Apps
  3. View the Downloaded tab
  4. View critically to check what you have recently downloaded unintentionally


Step 3: Uninstall the unwanted app

  1. After getting it found tap that app
  2. By tapping it the info page will be opened
  3. Now click on ‘Uninstall’
  4. Now reboot your device
  5. By rebooting it you will be able to take out your Android Device from Safe Mode

 Note: Never download an app unless you trust the source otherwise your phone might get infected. For that you can check unknown sources in android and you can enable and disable it whenever you want them to.

This is the easiest way to remove the virus, this is so easy peasy and won’t consume your precious time at all. The other solution that you can try is to install any Anti-virus app, there is laundry list of anti-virus apps in play store. While selecting an anti-virus app make sure it must be the one you can rely on, read the views of viewers then download it.

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