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Reasons why your iPhone battery is draining too fast

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iPhone users always seem to fight this battle of battery getting drained so quickly. So that’s the real problem with phones that their battery is always at the edge of getting off, always run out of juice. The point is we don’t pay attention to all those reasons that consume the battery of your iPhone.  As you are an iPhone user, you need to know the reasons why it happens and how to save our battery life on iPhone.

Reasons for iPhone battery draining overnight

  1. Location service drains the battery

Well, there it is without the shadow of a doubt that location services have an immense amount of benefits. But it tends to consume lots battery so it is suggested to turn them off when you think there is no need of it. Location services tend to use GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot and other stuff that regulates your location so when it tries to access the location it eats up lots of battery so better turn it off when it isn’t needed. You can keep track of your battery usage so that you can also check what apps are using your location services which are taking up your battery.


  1. Screen brightness eats up battery

Screen brightness is one of the major reasons that consume battery excessively. It wouldn’t be a mature approach to overlook this factor because it’s your battery that will suffer. You don’t need to turn it totally dark just bring it at a moderate level not too dark and not so bright. The brighter it will be the quicker it will eat up the battery life.


  1. Notifications apps eat up battery

When you keep receiving the notifications of apps it tends to burn the battery of your iPhone device. Suppose you have lots of apps installed in your phone that clearly means your iPhone would be getting app notification frequently and that kills the battery of your phone.

So it is suggested strongly to turn off the notifications app.


  1. Automatic downloads drain the battery

Users usually keep the Auto downloads on so the apps they have installed may keep on updating by their own. But the problem with this automatic downloading is that it attenuates the battery life speedily. So for the good health of your battery, it is suggested to prevent auto-downloading and opt for manually downloading the content that you need.


  1. iPhone constant connection with email server consumes battery

When your iPhone constantly keep tabs on your email server then it dries up the juice of your battery. Your phone frequently seeks for any new message by connecting with the email server so obviously, this action drains the battery of your device. So you should cancel this action and manually keep tabs on your emails whenever the situation is suitable for doing so like being at home.


  1. Bluetooth consumes battery

Users hardly pay heed that whether they really need Bluetooth or not and what eventually happens is it keeps running needlessly. This obviously isn’t a good thing for battery life. Moreover now Bluetooth has lost its significance since the advancement and emergence of new features. So at the very first place, you should immediately disable the Bluetooth. These things not only would help saving up your battery but also help in charging your iPhone faster.


  1. Bombardment of apps:

You tend to install so many apps and then there are only a few apps that are used rest of them are left to kill the battery of the device. It is totally unwise to let your device be occupied by numerous apps. So remove all those needles apps and a new lease of life to your phone.


  1. Wi-Fi eats up battery

Wi-Fi is the thing that keeps running all the functions as getting updates, messages, email alerts, and the list goes on. Turning it on while you need it makes a perfect sense but what is the use of turning it on while it’s on charging? Or while you are relaxing on your couch and watching a TV show? And while taking a nap? That’s the spur of the moment when you need to turn off Wi-Fi as it will leave a healthy effect on the life of the battery.


So these are the chief factors that make your iPhone battery drain too fast and there is nothing wrong in saying that many users tend to over-look these causes and just keep on repining about the battery of their iPhone device. You can also check things to do when your iPhone displays a red icon and from now on let’s be wise enough to take these measures that will assist in keeping your battery charged for a longer time.

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