A Complete Guide for Beginners: How to Merge PDF Files?


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As the title of the topic explains, readers can expect to learn about the bits of information provided in this article. A beginner’s guide truly refers to the informative material presented on this platform and provides extensive support to guide novice PDF file users. If you are in the same boat, stay connected with us until we reach the bottom of this article. You will learn everything regarding merging PDF documents, along with how you can merge them across various devices, either online or offline. Users with professional designations are better off opting for PDF editors, while learners can use online merging platforms such as ILOVEPDF.

So, let’s dig deep to explore information on combining PDF files precisely and effectively without getting confused or muddled.


Discover the Upsides of Merging PDF Files

Here are some of the compelling reasons to combine PDF files into a single, compact PDF document:

Reason # 1:

Merging two or multiple PDF files into a single PDF folder ensures the convenience of easy PDF file management and access.

Reason # 2:

PDF document merging can save users valuable time and precious system resources.

Reason # 3:

Combining various PDFs into a concise document allows for effortless sharing and streamlining the sharing process.

Reason # 4:

Storing dozens of PDF files on devices and cloud storage platforms can make your system a bit sluggish, and PDF combiners provide a practical solution to this problem.

Reason # 5:

Merging two PDFs ensures data and password protection, minimizing the risk of data theft or loss. PDF mergers ensure your digital information remains intact.


Practical Ways to Merge PDF Files

Regardless of the device you own and the operating system you are using, PDF merging is an effortless process.

Here are different methods to merge two or more PDF files without any hassle:


1- Merge PDF Files Offline

Here is how to merge pdf document into one file offline. What you need to do is download a reliable PDF editor such as the PDFCreator desktop application:

Step 1: Download PDFCreator on your device

Step 2: Launch PDFCreator

Step 3: Add the files you want to merge via drag-and-drop

Step 4: A next window will appear; click on ‘Merge’

Step 5: Checkmark the boxes placed next to the files you wish to merge

Step 6: Rearrange the merge PDF page into your preferred order for convenience

Step 7: Click on ‘Merge Selected’ or ‘Merge All’

Step 8: Hit ‘Continue’


2- Merge PDF Files Using Online

The most convenient option for merging PDF files is accessing websites that offer PDF merging services. This is the most favorable option for beginners, as it is not only handy, straightforward, and time-saving but also budget-friendly.

iLovePDF’s online Merge PDF tool is one of the practical and functional methods of PDF combining. You can merge up to 25 PDFs in a single go without spending any money.

Here’s how to merge two PDF files using ILOVEPDF online:

Step 1: Visit ILOVEPDF online

Step 2: Navigate to the “Merge PDF Tool”

Step 3: Browse and select the files you wish to combine from your device’s internal storage, Google Drive or Dropbox account

Step 4: Rearrange files if necessary, via drag-and-drop

Step 5: Click the “Merge PDF” button

Step 6: Tap “Download”

Step 7: You can save the merged PDF document either to Google Drive or Dropbox


3- Merge PDF Files on Mac

Thanks to WPS Office, which made PDF merging effortless.

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to merge a PDF document on Mac:

Step 1: Create a new PDF using the WPS interface on your Mac

Step 2: Select “Merge PDF”

Step 3: Create a “File Name”

Step 4: Choose a “File Destination” where you want to save your PDF file

Step 5: Click “Merge”


4- Merge PDF Files on Windows 10

Microsoft-owned Windows is the most prevalent operating system. Whether you are a student, an office employee, or a business tycoon, you need Windows to accomplish your daily goals. It effectively collaborates with PDF files and supports the merging process. We are referring to Adobe Acrobat DC offline, which is one of the best PDF editors, and PDFgear for online merging.

Here is how to merge PDF files on Windows Offline Using Adobe Acrobat DC:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat DC

Step 2: Navigate to the “Tools” tab

Step 3: Select “Combine Files” from the list of PDF editing tools

Step 4: Open “Combine Files”

Step 5: Browse and add two or more PDF files by clicking “Add Files”

Step 6: Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the files to combine

Step 7: Rearrange the PDF pages if needed before initiating merging

Step 8: When everything is ready, click the “Merge” button, located on the toolbar to initiate the merging process

Step 9: Save the merged PDF file to your device

Here is how to merge PDF files on Windows online using PDFgear:

Step 1: Launch the PDFgear online tool

Step 2: Use the drag-and-drop mechanism to add the files you wish to merge into the online converter

Step 3: Click the “Select PDF” files button to initiate PDF file uploading

Step 4: Once all the files are imported, click the “Merge PDF” button to merge them

Step 5: You will see the blue button, click on it to download the merged PDF document to your device


5- Merge PDF Files On Your Android Device

Merging PDFs on your Android device is a breeze. Here are some easy steps to merge a PDF file on your Android device:

Step 1: Launch your preferred browser on your Android

Step 2: Visit the merge PDFs page on Acrobat online

Step 3: Tap “Select files”

Step 4: Navigate and select the PDFs you wish to merge; you can choose any file present on your device storage, whether internal storage, Google Drive, or at your cloud service

Step 5: If you want to rearrange your files, select a particular file; it will turn blue

Step 6: Drag it to the preferred location

Step 7: Tap the “Merge” button

Step 8: Download the merged PDF file

Step 9: If you want enhanced PDF manipulation, sign in to Adobe to utilize a wide range of customization options


6- Merge PDFs on an iPhone

Before initiating the merging process on your iPhone make sure that you are aware of the location of your PDFs. Your iPhone has two drop zone sections: one is “On my iPhone,” and the other is cloud-based, including Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud. If your PDFs are scattered in various locations, using the Acrobat online service to combine them is a functional and practical approach.

Here’s how to merge PDF files using Acrobat online on your iPhone:

Step 1: Launch your preferred browser on your iPhone

Step 2: Open Acrobat online service

Step 3: Tap the “Select files” button

Step 4: Navigate and select the PDF files you wish to merge by taping each file

Step 5: If you want to add more files to the list, tap the plus sign

Step 6: Once added, rearrange your PDFs if necessary, by dragging and dropping the respective files

Step 7: After your files are added and organized in your preferred order, tap the “Merge” button

Step 8: Once merged, download the combined PDF file

Step 9: If you want to enhance customization capabilities, such as adding, deleting, or rearranging pages, or sharing, you need to sign in to Adobe Document Cloud

Now, your PDF files are consolidated, simplified, and, most importantly, centralized, ensuring quick referencing.


This is box title
Best Online PDF Merging Platforms in 2023

Soda PDF——————————-Best Overall

ILOVEPDF——————————Best Convenience

PDF Converter————————-Best Seamless


This is box title
Best PDF Editors (offline method) in 2023

Soda PDF—————————————Best Overall

SmallPDF—————————————-Best for Beginners

Icecream PDF Split & Merge—————-Best for All Users


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Best PDF Mergers for Mac in 2023

Apple Preview————————-Best Free

PDFelement Pro———————-Best All-rounder


This is box title
Best PDF Merger for Windows in 2023

PDFSam Basic—————————–Best for batch processing

PDFSam PDF Split and Merge——–Best Compatible (for Mac too)


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common user concerns that can also benefit other users in fixing their issues:

How do I merge PDF files as a novice user?

There are various user-friendly online platforms and software available for seamless PDF merging.

Are there any free PDF merging options available?

Yes, you can utilize websites offering free PDF merging services, and there are also many free online tools and software available.

Can I merge PDF files of different page sizes?

Yes, you can avail of the page adjustment option; it allows users to adjust the page size during the merging process.

Can I rearrange my PDF files within the consolidated PDF document?

You can certainly rearrange your PDFs within the PDF document in the drop zone section before hitting the “save” button.

Can I combine password-protected PDFs?

Yes, there is no issue in combining the PDFs that are password-protected. However, what you need to do is to use the passwords for each file.

Is there a limit to merging PDFs?

It varies, because some tools may have limitations while others offer advanced features with no merging limits. You need to check their guidelines.

Are online PDF merging platforms safe?

Yes, online PDF-combining websites are generally safe. However, it’s advisable to do a safe search.

Can I merge PDFs offline?

Certainly, you can use the offline options to combine PDFs. There are various desktop software available, compatible with multiple operating systems and devices offering offline merging.

What format should I use for merging images with PDFs?

First, you need to convert images to PDF format and initiate the merging process for the desired results.

How can I ensure the combined PDF document is of high quality?

During the merging process, select the ‘high quality’ or ‘best’ option to ensure premium PDFs.


Final Words

Hopefully, this article will be immensely beneficial to all types of users, especially those who are at the entry level, whether in colleges, universities, or at jobs. TECHBYTEX consistently offers relevant information and solutions to tech problems users might encounter. Working with PDFs has never been as straightforward as it is now.

Whether you are using operating systems such as Windows or macOS, or devices like Android or iPhone, comprehensive support is offered. Visit TECHBYTEX to stay updated with technological advancements in the digital landscape.