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Effective ways to make your iPhone charge faster

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Its your phone battery that keeps your phone alive so its highly important to take care of its life so it may remain charged and you may remain in touch with the rest of the world. When the charging is slow it really ticks you off because you want to make your iphone charge faster and as quick as possible because all your activities are on a hold up while your phone is on charging. Meanwhile you can also check iPhone battery life percentage mode as it would really help to track your battery usage.

Being a user of iphone there are few things that needs to be taken into your consideration. For instance there are many things that keep functioning while your iphone is charging and that’s when your device tends to take so much time in getting charged. It is suggested to forbid all those functions as they are the hindrance in charging process.

How to make your iPhone charge faster and quickly

  1. Switch your iphone to airplane mode:

When you put your iphone on charging it is wise to switch your device to airplane mode. Its because it supports your device in charging more quickly. When you switch phone to airplane mode this immediately stops your device to receive anything from internet.


  1. Turn of the wi-fi:

When your phone is connected to Wi-Fi it keeps on grabbing stuff and other things running and that’s make the charging process very slow. So make sure you turn Wi-Fi off.


  1. Charger with extra power:

The aspect of charger can’t be denied in any way. It has been experienced by iphone users that even the charger that comes with device seems to not to charge the phone that speedily as it is desired. Though the charger of iphone is a 5 volt charger which seems ok but let’s compare it with ipad’s charger that of 5.1 volts. This seems to be a little difference but actually it’s not minute one. You can check it and you will see the vivid difference of chargers.

So make sure the charger you are using for your iphone must be full of energy and spark so it can transfer that same amount of spark to your device too for making it charge faster. You can use the ipad’s charger for iphone there is nothing wrong in that!


  1. Keep your iPhone in a good temperature:

Temperature matters a lot not just for humans and other living creatures but for the phones too. The more you will keep it severe temperature the lesser the chance it has to charge faster. Being an iphone user you must take care of the fact that you are not leaving your device in hot places. Such as leaving it in the dashboard in bright sunlight, keeping on the table while having a lunch outside. The hot temperature influences on the battery. So keep it in meek and light temperature to make it charge faster.

You can follow these steps for your iPhone to speed up your charging. And in case your are an android user you should definitely check how to save battery life on android.

To wrap it up these are the simple ways to make your iphone charge faster, besides that you can take some measures too such as lowering down the brightness of  your phone and by disabling the app notification as such things consume battery and doesn’t support it in charging faster.

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