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10 Simple Steps to loop a Youtube Video on PC

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YouTube has turned to be the largest platform of information and entertainments, so you better call it a platform that offers an infinite amount of infotainment. Some things on YouTube are such eye-candy that you can’t help watching them tons of times so you choose to loop those videos on youtube. There used to be no way as such to put a YouTube Video for repetition open-endedly. The Loop Option in YouTube has sorted out the problem now.

The loop option is presently just available on ‘The Desktop Version of YouTube’. It has not yet reached to mobile apps. On iPhone you will be directed to make a new playlist along solely your video.


If you are an Android user then you better go to the desktop site of YouTube by Chrome for accessing the Loop Option.

How to Loop a Youtube Video on PC

loop a youtube video - 10 Simple Steps to loop a Youtube Video on PC

  1. Go to your browser and type in Youtube
  2. You will be on the YouTube Homepage
  3. Sign in to YouTube and provide your email address along with the password.
  4. Type in the search bar the Videos Name and hit Enter
  5. You will be able to see the search Results Page
  6. Pick up the video, the one you would like to loop
  7. At the video’s window you need to right-click
  8. A drop-down menu will display
  9. Now click at Loop
  10. Beside the Loop Option there will be check mark, here the chosen video will be played on a Loop, unless you close it down or turn off the loop option.

That is how you can loop the YouTube Videos, this let you repeat your desired and favorite video on YouTube. That’s the new feature that is being loved and cherished by many users. In past it wasn’t possible because for repeating the video user was bound to download and take a third-party extension. It was all annoying and time taking procedure, but now this desktop version of YouTube has resolved the problem in form of Loop Function. Now without relying on third-party software you can get the loop feature for your YouTube videos. All you need to do is turn it on by clicking it once and then your videos will be replayed automatically.

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