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iPhone stuck on Apple Logo fix | iPhone not turning on after apple logo

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iPhone users sometimes happen to face this issue when their iPhone device used to get stuck on Apple logo. The immediate solution to this problem is to reboot your iPhone. Here you will find the solutions to this problem, lets dig deeper what you need to do when your device gets stuck on Apple logo.

For iPhone users:

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Solutions

Solution 1: Restart your iPhone

How to force restart your iPhone X, 8 and iPhone 8 plus

  • You need to grip and instantly release the Volume Up key
  • Then press and instantly leave the Volume Down key/button.
  • Press and keep holding the Side button for a little longer until the Apple logo appears.

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How to restart your iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus

Just grip and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons at the same time for almost 8-10 seconds until Apple logo appears.



Solution 2: Recovery Mode

In case your iPhone device is still on stuck then you better put your device on a Recovery mode. It is believed to be a

simpler solution with a handy process. Recovery Mode lets your device to get connect with iTunes and later it allows

you to reestablish installation freshly either by a backup of user’s data on his device or by the iOS. So let’s get to

How to treat your stuck iPhone on Apple logo by Recovery Mode

  1. You need to turn off your iPhone by gripping the wake or sleep buttons, keep holding until you see a slider, swipe it for turning off.
  2. Now get your iPhone connect with a computer
  3. Now hold down the buttons of sleep/wake+ the Home button simutaneaously for almost 8-10 seconds, in case the Apple logo shows off, keep griping
  4. Release the buttons after you see the screen of Connect to iTunes
  5. This means your iPhone is on recovery mode
  6. A pop-up window will ask you to Update or Restore your device, you need to click at ‘Update
  7. It will fix the issue without letting you lose your data
  8. If this too doesn’t resolve the issue then you better again put your phone into Recover Mode but this time you better click at ‘Restore


Solution 3: DFU mode

DFU stands for Device Firmware Update, it works in a way that by putting your device into DFU mode will stop your

iPhone from restarting so it gets connected with iTunes and then restores your device.

How to get into DFU mode

  1. You need to launch the iTunes in your computer
  2. Now get your iPhone connect with your computer by a USB cable
  3. It is time to turn off iPhone
  4. Hold down the button of On/Off for a little while (3 seconds)
  5. After that keep holding the button of On/Off and then start gripping the Home button that is on the front of your phone
  6. Keep holding it for about 8-10 seconds
  7. Release the ON/Off button but keep griping the Home Button for 4-5 seconds
  8. In case your screen remains black and doesn’t show any thing on screen this means your device is in DFU mode
  9. You will be able to see a pop-up window that will ask you to Restore your device
  10. Either choose to Restore your device to factory settings or you may choose to have a backup of your data on phone.

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These three solutions mentioned above will hopefully sort out your stuck iPhone on Apple logo, you may try either of them, as all are the highly suggested and recommended solutions for this issue. They are handy to try and wont consume your much time.

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