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What needs to be done when your iphone displays a red battery icon

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What needs to be done when your iphone displays a red battery icon

On the screen, there are some tiny icons that must not be ignored as every icon carries a certain message for you regarding your iPhone battery. Battery icons change its color and that’s when you need to stay focused and pay rapt attention! First of all, being an iPhone user you should definitely check how to save your battery life on iPhone.

Never turn a blind eye to the little details in form of icons that are at your lock screen so let’s get to know what you need to be done about the low battery icon and when it changes color

There are an immense amount of things that are there on your lock screen for instance:

  • Notifications
  • Playback controls (while listening to music)
  • Date and time

Moreover, there are some valuable and informative icons also exist on the iPhone lock screen that is like diverse colored batteries/thermometer. All of the icons promise to cater to valuable stuff so it would be wise to get to know what to do when you view them.

When the battery displays a red colored icon

The red icon tells you that there is a very little juice left in your battery and it can sink down any time. There is one more icon under the red battery icon that is of charging cable icon that is an indication of asking you get your iPhone plugged into a wall charger or a computer. You should keep checking if your battery is draining fast because iPhones battery timing is far better than many other phones and if case it drains up too quickly you should track your battery usage.

It’s better to recharge your iPhone without an undue time lapse because there is a very little time left for it to remain awake. If your charger isn’t with you then it is suggested to switch to Low Power Mode that can save up a lot of your battery.

Well, how about getting a separate battery as you can take it anywhere with you if you are always running short of time and not in a position of getting your phone charged.

When the battery displays orange colored icon

Low-Power Mode is a feature of iOS 9 and onwards that tend to expanse the life of your battery for a little more time like 2-3 hours. Sometimes at the corner of iPhone’s home screen, there appears an icon of orange color or it turns orange that states your phone is running in Low Power Mode.

When the battery displays green colored icon

Green colored icon shows charging so finally happy news for you! As it shows your phone battery is on charging and to make it charge faster you can check here.

When the Red Thermometer icon is displayed

This icon is said to be the icon that is not so common and it looks a little creepy too. In the presence of this creep and scary icon, your iPhone won’t be able to work at all. This icon means a red alert message will be shown onscreen that will direct you to not to use your phone until it cools down because it is too hot.

So this is really alarming as the internal temperature reached its peak and it causes the hardware in great danger. This over-heating is associated to the iPhones exploding. You must not leave your phone in hot places in hot weather condition at open places.

For Android users:

Whenever you see a thermometer icon without further ado keep your phone at a cooler place. Switch off your mobile and let it rest until it gets cool and then thinks of restarting it.

You should keep tabs on these icons so you know what to do and what needs to be done!

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