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iPhone Recovery Mode – Major Perks, Why and How to Put Your iPhone in Recovery Mode

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iPhone Recovery Mode Techbytex 850x491 - iPhone Recovery Mode - Major Perks, Why and How to Put Your iPhone in Recovery Mode

iPhone Recovery mode is a reliable and fool proof iBOOT that is used to revitalize your iPhone with a new version of IOS. It is most commonly employed when the existing installed IOS is impaired or damaged or undergoing an upgrade via iTunes. Moreover you can put your iPhone in Recovery mode when you want to troubleshoot the devise.

Importance of iPhone Recovery Mode

At the beginning mobiles phones were very handy and they were designed in a way that made them quite fuss-free. But in this present era smartphones are very apprehensive and all of your valuable data and even daily activities are dependent on them because every mighty and tiny detail is stored in it. Hence the feature of recovery mode is immensely significant for iPhones. With the help of iPhone recovery mode you can handily recover and restore your iPhone to its earlier state in case your iPhone’s data or settings are corrupted. It tends to repair any software damages moreover it assists you to install official IOS updates

Thus, your iPhone would always be primed to experience this progression without the need to download a lot of stuff every time you need to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode.

Major Perks:

  • First of all recovery Mode feature is greatly convenient. As long as a user has iTunes on a Mac or PC, he will be able to complete the stages that are involved when Recovery Mode is activated on his iPhone.
  • You will be able to bring back your iPhone to its earlier settings and functions.
  • You will also be able to restore your email, iMessages, music, pictures etc.
  • iPhone 7 or later
  • iPhone 6s or earlier and iPad

When to use Recovery Mode:

  • Install an iOS update and your device gets stuck in a constant restart loop. It occurs when something erroneous went with the update besides that when the battery of your device is low for the period of installation.
  • Apprise and Update the OS or restore the device by backup, the process miscarries, and iTunes no longer sees the device when you get it connected
  • Upgrade from a beta version of the iOS and there’s a bug

How to put your iPhone 7 or later into recovery mode

It’s really a kid’s stuff to get your iPhone into Recovery Mode as there is absolutely no rocket science is required in this connection. The stages mentioned below will just be the ticket for all the versions of iOS out there:

Get started:

Note: iPhone 7 doesn’t have a physical Home button so it has a capacitive Force Touch Home button thus recovery mode functionality has moved to the volume down button.

  • Switch off your iPhone 7 if it is on.
  • Press and hold the On/Off button of your iPhone, keep holding the buttons for about 2-3 seconds.
  • Move the slide to power off confirmation slider to the right side
  • Now, After that, on your iPhone press and hold down the Power + Volume down button
  • Now plug your iPhone 7 into your Windows PC/Mac, get it confirmed that iTunes is running.
  • After seeing the Connect to iTunes screen you need to release the volume down button

How to put your iPhone 6s or earlier into recovery mode

Get Started:

  • If your phone is on then turn it off
  • On the right side there will be On/Off button so press and hold down them for about 2-3 seconds. If you have iPhone other than iphone 6 then these buttons will at top.
  • Move the slide to power off confirmation slider to the right.
  • Now press and hold down the Home Button + Volume Down Button on your iPhone>plug your iPhone to your Windows PC/Mac, make sure that iTunes is running
  • After seeing the Connect to iTunes screen leave the Home button

Note: now iTunes must be displaying an alert that will state it’s detected an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad in recovery mode, and so you will be able to restore your device. If you an android user, you should also read these articles:

To wrap it up these are the simplest stages to get into a iPhone Recovery Mode, you would be pleased to know as there is nothing complicated and ambiguous about it!



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