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iPhone Battery life Percentage Mode and track your battery usage

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iPhone Battery life Percentage Mode track your battery usage

When the battery of your mobile is about to sink completely then there is an icon that is located at the top on the right corner which shows a red signal. This red signal indicates that our battery is about to end and our phone could turn off at any moment. But some of us still don’t know that we can check our iPhone battery life percentage and we can also track our battery usage on our phones.

There is a small setting put up into the IOS that tends to provide such required information regarding what amount of energy remains in your phone.  It would appear at the top corner of the screen and obviously, it provides a better understanding of your battery based on the precise information. Also, we need to see what to do when our battery icon turns red but for now let’s see how we can play with those settings.

Changing iPhone Battery life to percentage mode using below methods

 IOS 9 and Onwards

  • Hit settings>tap battery>now slide Battery percentage to green/on

 IOS 4-8

  • Hit settings
  • Tap general (iOS 6 onwards)

In case you have older iOS then leave this step

  • Tap Usage
  • Now Slide Battery Percentage to green (in iOS 7 and up)/ On (in iOS 4-6).

Change battery view mode to percentage    track your battery usage

How to Track Your Battery Usage

There are some other interesting features in iOS 9 and onwards on the battery setting screen that is really valuable as it tells about the battery usage.

Perks of this feature:

  • It provides a list of certain apps which consumes a lot of battery
  • You will be able to isolate those battery-consuming apps and think of removing them or use them nor excessively.

How to use this feature:

You can take a look at how much battery different apps have consumed in the last week or day. You will be able to view the amount of percent of total battery used in that duration used by each app. There are many apps that comprise some basic information under them regarding why they have consumed this much battery. Apps organized from the most battery used to least.

For getting more information you need to tap the app the other thing you can do is to tap on the clock icon on top of this section. Those who are very concerned about the battery of their iPhone should get the most out this short but useful information. By getting this through you will come to know about the certain battery-hogging apps that eat up your battery.

There are some apps that are running in background use to consume battery fastly so it would be wise to keep tabs on it and put a full stop on them, avoid using them or use them rarely. These measures you need to take as it will turn the things positive and much better than before.

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