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How to use Parental Controls in Android

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Parental controls are for the concerned parents who want to keep their children at bay from watching all the inappropriate stuff online. We all know very well that each and every thing can be discovered by just typing and the bulk of information of any type will be right in front of our eyes. This ease of access to get anything online is a major concern of parents. Gone are the days when children were so innocent about technology, the children of present age are immensely tech-savvy. A little child is capable enough to download his favorite games by his own so for all these insecurities Parental Controls in their smartphones is the solution.

We will provide you a guide for setting up some remarkable Parental controls in your Android device.



1. Control the Adult Apps in Play Store

You can restrict the content too in Play Store lets see how to do it:

parental controls in play store 1024x366 - How to use Parental Controls in Android

  1. You need to launch the Play Store App in your child’s device
  2. Look for the Hamburger and tap it
  3. Scroll down and Tap Settings
  4. Keep scrolling down so you may find ‘Parental Controls
  5. After getting it found Tap it
  6. You will be asked create a PIN code two times
  7. Now the Settings have been turned ON


Some Important Points to know about play store Parental Controls Feature:

  • Choice is yours as you have to determine how you want each category to be restricted by tapping each of them
  • For instance, if you want to have controls on apps and games then you need to tap PEGI 7 in case the age of your child falls between 4-7. As the numbers shows the age
  • Tap SAVE from each screen
  • For a more better understanding look for the summary under the Parental Controls
  • This summary will let you know about the restriction and how it is set for each type of content
  • In order to prevent your child from getting the content freely you need to set a PIN
  • That PIN will let you know if any app is tried to get download by them and if that app is a paid one.
  • For setting this up you need to head up the main Play Store settings menu
  • From there you need to hit at ‘Require authentication for purchases
  • Here the restriction are for the purchases by Google Play on this (your)device

Now you are done to have Controls on Play Store, there are many other platforms through your child can download apps and games, so you need to take them too in your account. So let’s see what you need to do in this regard:


2. Control the Content and Access for Unknown Sources:

Sometimes kids start downloading adult apps from different places such as pop up ads and etc so in that case we have to make sure we do not allow unknown sources in android:

How to turn on unknown sources in android

  1. You need to drag down the top of your screen
  2. Look for the cog icon OR you can simply go to settings
  3. Hit it in order to get the Settings app
  4. Here you need to look for Security section
  5. Hit it and then check to ensure about the Unknown sources switch if it is enabled or switched Off
  6. Disable it if it is switched on! That’s it


3. Get the YouTube kids app for your child

We all love to use YouTube, this madness is not just confined to elders, children love too using YouTube app. So for your kids you don’t want any indecent and obscene stuff on YouTube so for this you need to get a YouTube kids app for your naughty one!

youtube kids android - How to use Parental Controls in Android

Let’s see what needs to be done for getting this app:

  1. Download the YouTube app for free from the Play Store
  2. Wait for the installation
  3. Now after it gets installed you will get to know that you will flag any inappropriate video and then it will be removed by the team
  4. Here you are allowed to set the restriction level like ‘Pre-school, School age and All kids
  5. Look for the option of Turn search on Or Off.
  6. By turning it off child has to use the menus for discovering the videos

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4. Set up a kid’s account on Android

You can now set up kid’s separate account on your android phones.

add new user account android - How to use Parental Controls in Android
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  1. Get started by swiping down from the top
  2. Head up to Settings app
  3. Keep scrolling down until you find ‘Users’
  4. Look for the option of ‘Add user’ and tap it
  5. You will get a message and you have to hit OK for accepting the message
  6. Look for SET UP NOW and tap it
  7. You will be logged out by your device
  8. You will be asked to sign in to your new user’s account
  9. This account is obviously for your child so just be there for further settings by tapping Continue
  10. Now you shall be questioned whether you are interested in signing into an Android account
  11. Your purpose is to keep your child ay bay then you need to tap at Skip Setup
  12. By doing this you will be able to keep your child prevent from downloading games, apps etc from Google Play.
  13. Its just for your child as you won’t be under any restriction to download anything, you can do it through your own account.
  14. You will be given a choice whether to create their account or simply hit NOT NOW in case you aren’t interested.

After creating a new user account you can perform the same methods explained above.

For the good upbringing of your child get the most out of your Android device, as besides entertaining you, it also allows you to restrict your child by using and setting up Parental Controls.

Use the Parental Controls in Android Phones, it guides you how to keep tabs on your child besides providing the access of huge entertaining stuff based on games and videos. It is a valuable convenient device that can help you providing your child some nice learning apps and creative thinking games.

Besides setting all the above-mentioned parental controls still as being a parent one should not completely rely on these Parental controls, you should spare some time to keep tabs on your child’s activities as it won’t be fair at all to turn a blind eye.

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