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How to type a question to Siri instead of speaking

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Siri provides you a textual interface that allows you to share your requests to Siri by texting. Initially you were given a facility to share your queries by asking now you can also share your query or request in form of text. There are many who feel more comfortable with texting then speaking so this will be just the ticket for you. It is very handy to use type to Siri with your iPhone.

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Siri and its Major Perk

Siri has been designed that work like a personal assistant in form of human language. You can ask it various things and can get the answer, for instance if you are interested to know the near by eatery around you then you can inquire it from Siri.

First you need to learn how to turn ON Type to Siri so let’s get started:


How to Turn on Type to Siri Feature

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  1. Head up to the settings
  2. Then go to General, then go to Accessibility
  3. Scroll Down to find Siri
  4. You need to turn on the toggle that will be placed at the top of your screen
  5. Now for activating it you must hold down the Home button.
  6. After a little while you will be able to listen the beep
  7. It has been turned on

Now next step is to how to use Type to Siri, so get to learn how to get started:


How to use Type to Siri

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  1. After it has been turned ON, Long Press the Home Button
  2. You will be able to see the keyboard that will appear
  3. Now start typing your query and request
  4. After typing the whole query, you need to press ‘Done
  5. Siri will deliver you an answer of your request or command.


What Other Requests that can be made with Siri

  • You can set your alarms
  • You can launch apps
  • You can set reminders and can create a schedule for your meetings

So that are many perks that are offered by Siri, being an iPhone user, you can make the most out of them. Its really that simple to type a request to Siri, just follow the simple set of rules and get started.

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