How to Turn Off and On iPhone X

turn off-and-on-iphone-x

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iPhone x is said to be a vivid vision of reality, Apple is always eager to bring out the best for its users, it always tries to go to an extra mile for taking out the finest out of sack. iPhone X is too smart to respond even to a glance. Here we are going to tell you how to turn off your iPhone X, there are two ways to do, both are easy, lets get to know each method.

  1. Turning it off by buttons
  2. Turning it off by settings


1- Turning Off iPhone X From Buttons

  1. You need to keep pressing and grip the side button or volume button for a little longer otherwise it will just capture a screenshot
  2. You will be able to see the Power Icon by swiping it from left to right on screen will turn off iPhone X.

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2- Shutting Down iPhone X Through Settings

This is another way to power off iPhone X, if button presses aren’t comfortable and convenient for you then there is more than one way to skin a cat, through setting you can get it done, let’s see how:


  1. Head up to your Settings
  2. Now go to General and tap it
  3. By tapping you need to scroll down for looking the option of ‘Shut Down’
  4. You need to tap it
  5. By tapping it you will bring the option of ‘Slide to Power off’


How to Restart iPhone X

As turning it off is a kid’s stuff then turning it on is also as easy as A.B.C. let’s see how to do it:


Turn it on by buttons

  1. You need to grip and hold the side button for a little longer it will turn on your iPhone x device
  2. Besides that, you may plug in its Lightening cable in order to charge it, by doing so it will your iPhone X on.

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Final Verdict

Its really that simple and handy to turn off and on iPhone X. Either do it by button presses or by settings app, choice is yours as both are easy peasy lemon squeezy.