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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phones

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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phones

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android mobile seems to be a really hectic and pesky thing to do. As one had to transfer a great number of contacts and numbers by a time-consuming process of manually typing. But don’t worry we have found some really easy ways through which you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phones. In case you have bought a new android phone or recently switched to android from iPhone then I suggest you read these articles as well.

But since the emergence and rise of technology things started getting much handy and easier for us. One has to be obliged to the technology of smartphones that have taken half of the burden by themselves in this regard. Moreover, in a short time span, the process of transferring contacts from one device to another can be done!

Many of you may have experienced the healthy prospect of switching from iPhone to Android in this connection. Luckily now without losing your contacts and without any lengthy and hectic process of transferring your contacts from one device to another can be done successfully! All you need to do is to proceed step by step in order to transfer your contacts and other details from your iPhone to Android.

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Procedure 1: Transferring contacts manually

If you are interested in transferring just a few of the contacts then you can get it done by Share Contact option.

  • Head to the contacts
  • Choose the contact that you are interested in transfer
  • Move down and select the tab that permits you to share it either with text or mail.

Note: This Share option is good to opt when you have fewer contacts to transfer.


Procedure 2: Transfer Contacts through App

transfer contacts from iphone to android using app

Through an app transferring can be done successfully and for this assistance will be taken from My Contacts Backup app lets proceed:

  • First of all download and launch the app on your iPhone
  • Tap OK when an app asks you to approach your contacts
  • Hit Backup
  • Tap email, get the VCF file attached to an email and then send it to your Gmail account
  • Hold your Android device and open the email>download the attached file of VCF and transfer your contacts to the phone as explained here.

Procedure 3: Transfer contacts through iCloud

It is also handy to transfer your contacts successfully without any hitches from your iPhone device to an Android device. It will be done using Apple’s cloud system, let’s see how:

  • Through your computer head up to iCloud
  • Sign in with your apple Id
  • Select Contacts
  • Choose the contacts that you are eager to transfer
  • You can click the gear icon and use Select All
  • For one more time Click again and select Export vCard
  • VCF file with selected contacts will be downloaded on your phone.

Note: the file name will be obvious as for how many contacts have been transferred.

  • Now get your Android device plugged with your computer
  • Copy VCF file to the local storage
  • import contacts from the Contacts/people app.

These features allow you to add contacts from several sources.


Procedure 4: Transfer contacts to Gmail with iTunes

In case your contacts are kept locally or if you are using an account that is not of Gmail then you can convert your contacts by iTunes on your windows or Mac computer.

This method is quick and handy, for transferring contacts from iPhone to Android this procedure is said to be the best one!

Let’s see how it works:

  • First of all download and launch iTunes
  • Get your iPhone connected with your computer
  • Head up and open the handset’s device summary page
  • Now click the tab of Info
  • Now you need to check Sync Contacts With and after that select Google Contacts
  • Enter your Google account’s username with password
  • Click Apply

Now one thing you need to make sure is that your Android phone has to be connected to the particular Gmail account. Moreover, let the Google sync your contacts to your Android Phone.

It really is that easy peasy lemon squeezy thing to do though the two devices are diverse in accordance with their operating systems yet there is more than one way to transfer contacts from one device to another. Fairly, you can also take help by using a third party app!

There are many procedures in which you will notice a VCF and vCards that is a file format standard for electronic business cards. They have the capacity to comprise many things such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. vCards are usually attached to instant messaging apps and emails.

Primarily to use your Android device you should have a Google account. If you have one then you need to go to Google’s homepage and then select the “create account” option. Once you are done with your Google account then you should select your iPhone and navigate to the section of MAIL, Calendars, Contacts of the settings menu. That is the place where you will be asked to provide your Google account, then you must press the button of “Add Account”> select the Gmail option>provide your login information and details.

You would definitely find this information regarding the several procedures of transferring contacts from iPhone to Android valuable and useful. The emergence of technology and up-to-the-minute apps has really made many things quite easier and approachable in many ways. This is how you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android but in case you are switching from Android to iPhone, this is how you can transfer data from android to iPhone.

You don’t have to feel annoyed as you are not restricted to follow a lengthy time-taking process of converting your data from one mobile to another. By walking through the above-mentioned procedures you will be able to cherish your Android device in no time.

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