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How to speed up your android phone

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How to Speed up your android phone

There are some simply yet very useful measures that you can take to speed up your android phone. Despite having an ultra-expensive phone if you aren’t satisfy with the speed then it’s not your device that is to be blame, rather there are some drastic measures that you must take to make your device go smoother, snappier and avoid lags in your android device.

8 Ways to speed up your android phone

1. Get up-to-the-minute software

This means to keep the latest version of android OS in your phone which is in fact nine out of ten times eligible to fix the bugs in system, besides that it comes up with the great set of enlargements related to improvements and perfections. So it is highly recommended to get such up-to-the-minute software for keeping the performance of your phone up-to-the-mark. Your device is fueled up by such most recent software as it makes them run really better than before.

  • These update and apprises of such software incline to come Over The Air (OTA) thus one must be driven to get it installed inevitably. The handy way to do it is to
  1. Go to Settings
  2. About device  
  3. Software update and check for updates.

Or in android Marshmallow you will can update your android device this way:

  1. Go to Settings  
  2. System Update

This reasoning can also be applied to Apps too and for this just whip up the Play Store and head towards the menu, open it up from the top left and knock the MY APPS and update them to the latest versions released and available on the play store.

2. Keep your home screen spick and span

How you keep your home screen really have an impact on the speed of your phone. The more clutter it would be the more passive it would get. So better to keep it spick and span, opt for a nice static image. Only let the frequently used widgets and frequently tapped icons at home screen and remove the rest.

3. Remove the unwanted/unused apps

It often happens that your device is occupied by the bombardment of unused apps and it tends to influence the speed of your set and makes is slow. So you must not allow such apps that take up a greater space on your device. Such apps possible consume into system resources.

You can delete these useless apps from android by simply uninstalling them from App manager. There are so many other methods as well to remove these apps depending upon the version of your devices.

You would be surprised to know that there are few apps who want to be working all the time and it’s a matter of horse sense that definitely it impacts on performance too.

4. Animations (Best method to speed up your phone)

speed up your phone using animations

There are some animations that need to turn off, because when these animations remain on they reduce the speed of your phone. So it would be wise to turn off the animations. For this you are directed to enable Developer options and before we do that, here is a guide on Developer options in android if you want to know more.

Now let’s see how you can enable developer option:

Go to Settings > About phone roll down to the System section to see for Build number(Press it seven times).

Now you can successfully see “Developer Options” in your settings. You can select the previous menu by going back there would be developer options itemized under system. Move in there and dig down to see:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration scale

Hit each in turn and put it to 0.5x or off. Select an option and figure out what is appropriate for you, if it isn’t according to your choice just go back in and alter the values again.

5. Desolate cached app data

There could be a possibility that your cached app data is no longer in use and just occupying a greater space so it would be wise to desolate the cached app data. By choosing the individual apps you can

  1. Move into setting 
  2. Hit Apps
  3. Slip over the All tab
  4. Tap on the related app
  5. Select Clear cache.

If you are intended to get rid the whole lot then go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Go to Storage
  3. Hit on Cached data

6. Subside the sync/auto sync

We mostly tend to add a list of various accounts to out phone devices and that instigates it to automatically sync in the background to get new data and cater us with the most recent updates. But we may not are aware of the fact that this really impacts on the performance of your android.

So for avoiding this you need to go:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Search Auto-sync under Accounts
  3. Now turn it off completely

In latest versions of android you can turn off Auto-sync by going to

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Accounts
  3. Hit three dots on top-right
  4. Un-check Auto-Sync

7. Test with the setting to scale up your set

You must try and experiment the settings to speed up your phone, you can try hitching up some settings to see how it can make it speedy, You can use launchers such as Launcher Ex which is a highly customized launcher for Android. It is fast and consumes very less in case of resources so you can try using this app which also have some great theme and icons to make your screen look great.

8. Go for a factory reset

That is something if your phone gets very slow and laggy because it will erase all the data in your device. Factory resetting may sound an awful measure to take but it has been experienced by many that by factory reset in android you can increase the speed of your android phone.

Here is a great video which shows up some extra ways to speed up your android phone.

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