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How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

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You sometimes feel the need to Set Up your iPhone especially when you have just bought it or you have just reset your phone or erased all of your data and want to start over again for what so ever is the case. While you are going through this process you can also read these iPhone related things such as how to fix your iPhone password either by erasing all your data using iCloud OR using iPhone Recovery Mode. If you are erasing data using iCloud then make sure you find my iPhone feature must be turned on.

Here is a simple and quick step-by-step guide for setting up your iPhone device. So lets proceed towards the main core. 

Set up your iPhone (Step by Step)

  1. Switch on your phone

set up your iphone step1 - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • At the very first place you need to switch on your phone to get started just after switching on your device the first thing that will appear in your screen is “Hello” in more than one language.
  • You have to unlock your device so press Home button and let the setup get started.
  • You will be asked to select your language so choose your language and tap your country.


  1. Quick Start 

quick start iphone set up - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • Type manually if you already have another device running on current version so you can use that device to set up your iPhone
  • If you don’t have another device just Hit Continue set up Device Manually


  1. Get your Device Connected with WI-FI

choose wifi set up iphone - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • Now you need to have a Wi-Fi so you can connect it with your device.
  • Tap the network of Wi-Fi the one you want. You can also be asked to insert your SIM card. So insert the SIM card when asked. 


  1. Format the TOUCH ID

touch id iphone - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • You will then be asked about the Touch ID
  • You will be able to create a password and finger print Code
  • Now format the Touch ID and for this fingerprint can also be the option.


  1. Create a passcode 

create a passcode iphonr - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • Creating a passcode is for guarding your data. Features like Touch ID and Apple Pay are approached by the passcode.
  • So create a six-digit passcode for this purpose.


  1. Start restoring your data/information

restoring iphone data option - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • The very next screen after setting up your iPhone passcode would be about restoring your iphone data.
  • You can transfer your data if you have another or old device but if you don’t have any or you don’t have any backup then just select Set Up as a fresh device.


  1. Sign in with your Apple id 

type your apple id - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • After that you will be asked to provide your Apple ID
  • If you have already been using iPhone before than you can type your old Apple ID
  • But If you don’t have one your can simply create one following the instructions and through this link.
  • Provide your Apple ID and password


  1. Set up Siri 

siri setup iphone - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • Choose if you want to use SIRI
  • If yes than, Siri needs to recognize your voice so utter some of the phrases so it may get to know your voice. 


  1. Select settings for app 

  • You can select the settings if you are interested in sharing information with app developers.
  • If your iPhone is amongst:
  1. iphone 7
  2. iphone 7 plus
  3. iphone 8
  4. iphone 8 plus
  • then you are supported to set the one that you find best for you.
  • You have to adjust home button’s click. Hit the option and press home button.


  1. Pick up a display resolution 

choose display iphone setup - How to set up your iPhone (Step by Step Guide)

  • You have the choice to select the display resolution between the two the Standard one or the Zoomed one.
  • If you will choose Standard then it will show more on your screen. Whereas Zoomed tends to use the larger texts and controls.
  • If you have an iPhone 6 or later, choose between two display resolutions: Standard shows more on your screen, while Zoomed uses larger text and controls.
  • After picking up a display hit Next to continue.
  • By tapping next you will be able to start using iphone, it isn’t difficult to setup your iphone, just a handful of things to remember.

So that is how you can easily set up your iPhone following the instuctions. iPhone is already very user friendly and there is very little change that you get stuck somewhere while setting up your new device. It keep the things simple and easy so even someone who is using the device for the first time can set up the device easily.

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