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Android security tips: How to secure android phone

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How to secure our android phone

There are many who tend to get in a sweat when it comes the matter of how much secure your android phone is? Your phone is a device that carries all the valuable stuff in it related to so its security is really a sensitive issue, safety measures have to be taken to make it really safe from malware and thieves too.

Some crafty and devious minds are always lurking of getting in your phone by using few cards up in their sleeves.

Obviously, foolproof protection so far isn’t possible to provide yet there are some handy ways that can give hackers a tough time to play with your device, the worth trying by the way!

So just a minimum effort is required to secure your phone from the widely common security viruses and other threats.

Security measures to secure your android phone

1. Always get your set locked:

Leaving your phone unlocked is a simple way of inviting others to play with it in any wicked way so at the very first place to protect your Android phone is to lock it either with the combination of numbers or some specific movements on the screen. Its like no-brainer for sure to do this.

By creating a PIN or fingerprint reader is the first step to secure your phone. Let’s see how you can do that.

  1. Hit Settings
  2. Search for “Security
  3. Select Screen lock and create a PIN

The major part is that if your phone is locked and you have lost it, the other person who finds it would have to refresh the software to unlock the phone, he won’t be able to access your data.


2. Sniff out and Remove Everything:

Now, the first step is done to lock your Android with a PIN but what needs to do when you happen to misplace your android? The key is to use the Android Device Manager to locate your lost phone either wipe it if it needs to do, so for this, you need to enable some settings at the very outset.

  • Go to Settings 
  • Hit Google
  • Tap on Security
  • In Device, administrators check track this device check box. 

Suppose you lost your Android or it is stolen, you would be able to identify its position (as long as it’s got a wireless connection and its battery is charged enough to survive) and wipe its storage, containing all the sensitive data and also change the screen-unlock password, sound great right? This is the best feature you should never ignore to secure your cell phone and the first thing to set up after you purchase a new phone.


3. Ensure the disability of unknown sources settings:

Unknown Sources Settings need to turn disabled only then the wicked apps from any hanky-panky sites won’t be able to install their stuff on your device. In this regard, Google is highly reliable because it ensures such security on the Play Store that no unfairness will happen. This feature won’t allow apps which bring malware to your system and won’t make your phone slow. Check out this article if your phone gets slow on how to speed up your android phone.

So this is the way to turn off that system by peeping into your settings of Android:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Security
  • Disable Unknown sources checkbox (Under device administrators section)


4. Let the android keep tabs and authenticate your apps:

You might not aware of the fact that your Android set is capable of scanning the installed apps for malware. From every now and then your android keeps tabs and authenticates your apps. Because there could be the slightest chance of getting something entered from any loophole so it would be wise to deal with it initially by turning the right setting enabled and to secure your android phone.

Android will keep tabs on such apprehensive activities so all you need to do is to:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Google
  • Head over to Security
  • Click on Verify apps


5. Always update your Phone:

The security of Android is always one main target of the hackers, they lurk for cracking it, fir cracking they keep on switching their methods and tactics, you never know which strategy will work for them and will ruin your set. So in this regard, you must update your android phone and that should always be your first and utmost concern. These updates will help you in dealing with such proneness in the best possible way.

So for this, you need to make your phone manually ready to check of the availability of new update you need to:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to About phone
  • Go to “System updates” to check for an update manually.

In the latest phones, you can update your phones without going in “About phone” section and you will find system update in the settings under System section.


6. Let Chrome’s safe browsing feature swing into action:

The world of web is full of tangled web woven by wicked and sites with malware that tend to ruin you by snitching your data and personal stuff, moreover very sneakily it can also download a damaging file in your device. In this regard Chrome for Android’s Safe Browsing Feature will alarm you and will make you hit the deck by such recklessness.

“Safe Browsing” mode is presented by Chrome for Android that will help you in detecting despicable activities and will keep you at bay from such sites.

To make it work just:

  • Hit the browser
  • Press the three-dotted menu on Top
  • Hit Settings
  • Tap Privacy

Now just get it confirmed that the “Safe Browsing” checkbox is enabled.


7. Setting up user accounts:

By developing user accounts you will be able to put a barrier to access your data. How significant it is isn’t it? Your data won’t be viewed by others so for setting up user accounts you need to:

  • Swipe down the notification shade twice
  • Hit the user icon in the top left corner
  • Tap Add user
  • Ok the warning and let the user set up their space


8. Get Orbot and Orfox:

Orbot and Orfox are suggested and trusted apps that tend to encrypt your internet traffic and veil it by a vigorous series of Tor computers throughout the world. Orbot solely the backend of this package, get these two apps installed from the play store and after that you need:

  • Open Orbot
  • Start the server
  • After this server starts running open Orfox and starts surfing securely.

Do take a quick peek at this video which explains more about the topic on securing your phone. It also tells us about the latest Google security feature.

These are some of the best android security tips through which you can keep your Android phone secure and protect it against the hackers’ attack and the thieves. Cell phones are something that people lose them every day, we forget placing it somewhere and never find it again, someone else steals it so we should stay ready and keep out phone protected from the very first day.

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