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How to save battery life on iPhone – iPhone Battery Tips

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The most hair-pulling thing for an iPhone user is how he can save his battery life of the iPhone. The very first things when reading this article is to check if it is draining too fast. Where there are excessive plus points and benefits of iPhone the only problem that causes you to pull a long face is the battery life of the iPhone. There are several measures that need to be taken into account as either of them isn’t ignorable at all. You can also check things that could be done when your iPhone displays a red icon.

Saving the battery life of the iPhone:

  1. Switch on low power mode

It is a feature and by switching it on you will be able to save the battery life. When you will switch on the Low Power Mode it tends to bring down the power requirements. So switch it on so some more hours can be added to the life of your battery.


  1. Lower down screen brightness

Screen brightness eats up battery speedily. It definitely drains the power of battery so it is strongly recommended to bring it down for saving the battery.


  1. Turn of the background app refresh

It is one the feature of iPhone that automatically updates those apps whom you use after every now and then. Your iPhone is smart enough so it keeps tabs on you that which app you use frequently and then it automatically updates that particular apps on a certain time. It is a cool feature no doubt, but it drains the battery so for saving its life it is suggested to turn the background app refresh.


  1. Disable the app suggestions

This feature of iPhone locates and finds out the information about your location. So this action of keeping tabs on you definitely drains the battery. If you are really interested in saving the life of your iPhone battery then you must surrender and disable the app suggestions.


  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a real gigantic thing that is always on its way to eat up the battery. Wi-Fi makes the whole stuff running and functioning consistently. Your iPhone keeps receiving calls, messages and keeps updating the apps so you must turn off the Wi-Fi when it’s not in use. It is intensely good for saving battery life.


  1. Keep tabs on battery usage

In your iPhone you have to look for the Battery Usage, it allows you to see if your battery is in a real fix or not. You will be given the battery life usage report. This report will help you know the Usage of battery and Standby times. So put your battery on a test by noting down the usage and standby times and then turn off your phone. You can check the times after 5-10 minutes.

The increase in time will clearly be the answer that something is wrong with the battery.


  1. Disable location services

The feature of location services uses GPS and it tends to provide you the driving directions. Well, it is an excellent feature but again it drains the battery so you must disable Location Services when it is not needed by doing so you will be able to add few hours to the life of your battery.


  1. Turn on the airplane mode when your phone is not in use

Turning on an airplane mode is an excellent idea for saving the battery life of your iPhone. As it stops many features that keep running when they are not needed. Such as while charging your device you must turn on the airplane mode. When you are at home and not using the phone then you should switch on the airplane mode it promises to save battery life.

So these are a few things that could help you to save your battery life on the iPhone. Being an iPhone user you also need to check how you charge your iPhone faster as these things would help you in times when you don’t really have time to charge to your phone or when you know you are going somewhere you won’t get a chance to charge your phone. All these suggestions are tried and tested by many so embrace them in order to get desired results!

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