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How to increase the resolution in windows 7 and 8

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how to increase the screen resolution windows 7 8 techbytex - How to increase the resolution in windows 7 and 8

The clarity and transparency of displayed images on screen and the lucidity and clearness of text is what Screen resolution is. You can increase the resolution whenever you feel the need to for e.g.  when the resolution of your screen is like 1600 x 1200 pixels then it will tend to look louder, this is high resolution.

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So the resolution can be sharper and softer it depends how you chose it to be. If you chose to have low resolution then on screen item will be fewer but will appear grand.

how you can increase the resolution in windows 7

  1. Go to the Start button and click it
  2. Go to the control panel
  3. Now head up to the Appearance and personalization
  4. Click at the option of Adjust screen resolution
  5. Look at the drop-down list
  6. With the help of slider set the resolution you want
  7. After that click at Apply
  8. Hit at Keep for setting the new resolution.

In case you aren’t satisfied with the changes you made you can go back by hitting revert.

How to increase resolution in windows 8

In windows 8 screen resolution regulates the certain amount of information in your screen. So when you chose to have high resolution or low resolution some changes are brought, either things get smaller to get more on screen or they get bigger.

Lets proceeds towards the procedure of increasing the resolution

  1. Anywhere at your desktop right-click
  2. Now select Screen Resolution
  3. The window of Screen Resolution will appear
  4. There will be a drop-down list, click that list
  5. You will see a bar, so move it between High and Low
  6. Hit Apply button
  7. Now look at the display changes and if you are satisfied click at the “Keep Changes’ button.
  8. Click OK

So that’s how it is increased, you are given a little time to support the changes. In case you aren’t satisfied then window will take you back to the previous resolution. You can increase or decrease the resolution as per your requirement and you don’t need any external tool as you can all do this using built-in-feature.

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