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How to increase or decrease volume in laptops on windows 7 and 8

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You definitely need to change the volume, as you don’t need it the same all the time. It’s different when you watching a documentary on youtube and when you listening music. You want it loud and you want it meek sometimes. Being a window user you should also check:

There are two ways you can adjust the volume in your windows laptop. One is adjusting it through the taskbar and the second one is by going to the control panel section. We will discuss both here.

Adjusting volume on windows 7

Let’s see how we can increase or decrease the volume on windows 7.

1. Adjust volume by taskbar using the icon of speaker

The very first and handy way to adjust your volume is through the icon of speaker that is there in taskbar right in front of your eyes. So let’s proceed:

  1. Go to the taskbar
  2. Click the icon of speaker there
  3. Volume slider will appear
  4. By moving up wards the volume will increase
  5. By bringing it down the volume will decrease

That is how volume can be adjusted in a quick and handy way.

2. Adjust volume by getting into a Control Panel settings

It is another way to increase the volume by going through control panel so lets see how can you adjust the volume:

  1. Go to the main menu by clicking the “Start” button at your left extreme of the screen
  2. Now go to the Control panel
  3. Click it
  4. Now click at “Hardware and Sound”
  5. Now you need to click at “Sound”
  6. Look at the lower side of the window at your right
  7. There will be Speakers and Properties
  8. By clicking the Speakers hit the ‘Properties’
  9. The window of Speaker properties will open
  10. Click the tab of “Levels”, alongside general
  11. Two sliders will be there “RealTek HD Audio output” and below that “Microphone”
  12. By dragging the slider (RealTek HD)to left volume will increase
  13. By dragging the slider to right volume will decrease
  14. After adjusting the volume click OK

Make sure that the speaker isn’t muted, if it is then you can click the icon for turning it unmute.

How to adjust volume in Windows 8

For adjusting the volume and sound in windows 8 two methods can be applied. So let’s proceed the first one:

1. Adjust the volume by taskbar:

  1. Go to the task bar
  2. Click at the icon of Speaker
  3. Volume slider will appear
  4. By moving the slider upwards volume will increase
  5. By moving the slider downwards the volume will decrease

2. Adjust the volume by using Volume Mixer

By heading up to the Volume mixer you will be able to adjust the volume so let’s see how you can do it:

  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Head up to the Control Panel
  3. Open the control panel and go to the Hardware and Sound
  4. Head up to the “Sound”
  5. You will see a tab “Adjust system volume” click it
  6. The window of Volume Mixer will be opened
  7. You will have volume sliders
  8. So adjust the volume by moving the sliders
  9. By moving it upwards volume will increase
  10. By moving it volume will decrease.

So these are the ways of adjusting volume in windows 7 and 8, there is nothing ambiguous or complex about it. Adjust the volume as you desire to do so whether you are watching your favorite show or just playing a game.


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