How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile?

fix lags in pubg

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Mobile gaming will never go out of fashion, it’s always in vogue and will always be. Gone are the days when the word game was just associated with kids. Today in this age mobile gaming is the mania of adults rather than of all age groups. The industry is booming day by day because of this mobile game obsession.

Things are made better and great effort is being put to meet the high standards for bringing excellence in games. First, it was PC where games were played but it has become an old story. Now games are enjoyed on smartphones along with the ample amount of awesome features.

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PUBG is the hot ticket that is being played across the globe. Users have gone really crazy after this. There are some lagging issues that are being reported. The game lags while playing on mobile and this puts the users in immense peeve and irritation. When the game lags it doesn’t let you play in a smooth way.


Why PUBG Lags on Mobile?

There are many reasons that are responsible for lagging the game. PUBG has many animations and high-quality graphics and sometimes insufficient RAM are the factors that lag the game on mobile.

PUBG has garnered a huge market share in a very short span of time. Its millions of players are obsessed with the game but are really tired of the lagging issue.


How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile

There are some ways that can fix PUBG lag mobile, lets get to know:


1. Close Down All Applications Running Around

Make sure that when you play PUBG you must close down all apps that are running in the background. The apps that run in the background consume too much battery and this turns your phone hot and this heat is one of the reasons for the lagging game on mobile.


2. Disable Auto-Update

There is a feature Google Play Store that auto-updates the apps such as Facebook and Gmail etc, you need to turn off or disable this feature of auto-update before playing PUBG. This will help you playing the game easily as auto-update consumes the internet and it causes game lagging.


3. Disable Sync Feature

The sync feature arranges the data in the cloud and synchronizes the services that include Facebook, Google, Gmail, etc. this synchronization guzzles away a larger portion of data. By disabling the feature the lag in the game can be reduced.


4. Clear the Cache

The stored data in memory is cache and all the apps have their cache. In case your mobile has insufficient storage then the files of cache can make your phone function quite slow. By clearing up cache files you can have free space that will also enable you to get rid of lag in PUBG mobile. It is also strongly suggested to decrease the graphic settings in case the game still lags.



By trying this you will be able to keep the annoying lag at bay, sometimes it happens if the phone contains some sort of virus especially the android phone. To fix this there are fewer steps to remove virus from android phones that can help you in playing your desired PUBG game with ease.