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Factory Reset Android – Benefits, Drawbacks and how to factory reset your phone

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How to factory reset android phone and its benefits and drawbacks

Factory Reset on Android is one of the very useful features in our devices that erases all our data at once from our phones and makes our device almost new. There are several reasons that cause you to do factory resetting on your android phone and it has some benefits and drawbacks too. It is suggested not to do a factory reset so often, it is supposed to be done rarely so the less damage may occur.

Common reasons behind factory resetting:

  • When your phone is cluttered by lots of apps
  • When a user wants to sell his device
  • When your phone starts running slow and in case it starts running slow you can also read this to speed it up

How to factory reset your Android phone:

1. From the Settings Menu

It is said to be the handiest way to factory reset your phone by setting menu. The place and position of the factory reset choice/option could be a bit different with your phone. The Android device offers you an option to wipe your device within the settings menu. The backup and reset menu support you to backup data and reset your device to its early and original state.

  • Hit Settings from the Menu
  • Scroll down to Back up and Reset menu

So tap on this option hence you can view the detail with actions that will execute that also comprises erasing all data from the device.

If the storage of your device is expandable then the menu can pose a question as if you want to wipe the external memory card.

After you press the Reset phone your device will reboot into a Recovery mode and will start wiping the phone. After the phone restarts it will be taken back to its factory conditions and you will be allowed to set it again.

2. Factory reset the android device with hardware buttons

A recovery mode needs to opt when some issues occur in your device. So to boot up your device properly you can take help of your hardware buttons. What you need to is:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Hold down a volume button & the power button at the same time
  • Your phone will turn on and you will see the word “Start”
  • Select Wipe data/factory reset
  • Select Reboot system now

The combination of exact buttons may differ a little depending upon your phone. But eventually its all about using the Volume buttons to roll through the menu to locate the Factory reset option, after that press the Power button to select.

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Factory reset on Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. Hit the Settings icon either from app drawer or home screen.
  2. Move it upwards to scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu.
  3. Now tap Backup and Reset>swipe it up to scroll down>Hit at the Factory data reset>tap reset the phone
  4. Hit Erase all the things/everything

Your device will restart and you are supposed to walk through the opening and primary start up again before you recover your data.

Doing in with hardware buttons on a Samsung Galaxy S7

Get started:

  • Switch your phone off if it is on
  • Hold down the Power button+ Volume up button+ Home button exactly at the same time now your device will boot into recovery mode.
  • Now hold down the Volume buttons to move through the menu
  • To scroll through the menu use the volume buttons
  • Highlight Wipe data or factory reset>to select press the power button>highlight and select Yes for ensuring the reset.

When it gets accomplished you will be taken back to the same recovery mode menu. For selecting reboot system press the power button.

Your device is on its way to power on and resets to its factory settings. Then immediately after you will switch on your android phone you have to go through the primary setup procedure exactly like a brand new phone set, set it up so you can restore your data where you backed it up.

Factory Reset on a Nexus 6P

  1. You will see the Settings icon Tap it from your home screen/app drawer
  2. Swipe up to scroll down to the bottom of the setting menu
  3. Hit backup and reset>Hit Factory data reset>Hit Reset phone
  4. Tap Erase everything.

It will restart your device and you will have to go through the primary startup from scratch before you recover your data from you backed it up.

Doing it with hardware buttons on a Nexus 6P

Get started:

  1. Switch off your device if it is on
  2. Now hold down the power button and volume down button, you will notice a “Start” in an arrow pointed at the power button.
  3. You will be able to highlight Recovery mode by using the volume buttons to scroll and the Power button to for selecting an option press the volume down button
  4. Now press the Power Button to begin the recovery mode.

When reloading starts in your device you will be able to see “No Command” at your screen accompanied by an Android robot.  After that proceed further:

  • You need to press and clasp the power button>press the Volume Up button once to get loaded the reboot menu
  • Use the volume buttons to move through the menu, highlight Wipe data or Factory reset.
  • For selecting you to need to press the Power Button>highlight and then select Yes for ensuring the Reset after the reset is accomplished you will be taken back to the same menu of recovery mode.
  • For selecting the Reboot system you need to press the Power button

Your device is on its way to power on and resets to its factory settings. Now when immediately after you will turn on your android phone you have to walk through the primary setup procedure as you have bought a new phone. Set it up and then you will be allowed to restore your data from where you backed it up.

Benefits and drawbacks of factory resetting

1. Let’s see the drawbacks first:

  • All valuable data has disappeared

It is said by many users that they happened to lose some of their valuable data while factory resetting. If you won’t back up your data you will lose it whenever you will factory reset your device.

  • Your phone could be at high risk

Your phone could be at high risk because of the firmware as when you will factory reset your device you are supposed to know to back up all data, secondly and most importantly before you factory reset your phone make sure it has to be charged fully. Otherwise, your device can turn dead completely!

  • It tends to damage RAM & ROOM

Frequently doing a factory resetting is not at all a good idea for the health of your phone as it tends to damage important rooms and RAM of your phone.

  • Battery life could be at risk

The more you will do the factory resetting the more chances it gathers to damage the battery life of your phone, so don’t opt for it doing several times.

  • Valuable apps can vanish

Factory resetting over and over again can make you lost your valuable apps. It’s better to back up your important apps.


2. Some benefits of factory resetting

  • Your device will turn brand new

From the point of view of keeping your device clean factory resetting is the best and wisest choice to make. When your phone runs slow or some apps do not function properly then factory resetting can prove to be a troubleshooter

  • It can fix the portable Wi-Fi hotspot problem

A portable Wi-Fi hotspot is a wireless internet connection. Sometimes when a bombardment of several phones with a wireless internet connection it can be problematic and by factory resetting this problem can be fixed for sure and you can cherish the way you want without any hurdle!

So that is how factory resetting is done on your Android device, it’s no biggie all you need to do is to keep the precautionary measures into your considerations and then proceed further cautiously. Besides having some handful of advantages of factory resetting there are also some hitches too that you need to ponder on.  So avail this option with care as too much of opting it can cause your device a serious problem so stay focused and stay alarmed!

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