Developer Options Android Guide- How to Enable and Disable Developer Options


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You must have heard the term ‘Developer Options in Android’ but you might not aware about some more details about it. That’s what we are going to do as we will unveil valuable information about Developer Options and how we can enable or disable developer options in our Android smartphones. It is a feature that tends to cater developers, and is considered one of the most useful features of android like other such as:

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Moreover you will be told as how you can enable developer options and how to turn them off.


What Are Developer Options in Android

Android has this feature that basically caters Developers by giving them great set of tools that are helpful in their work while creating and developing certain things in their concerned field. Developer options also facilitate the developers whenever they happen to examine, test and debug apps of Android.

Behind the speedy and swift positioning of apps to a joined phone it is developer option who do all this work.

It has numerous characteristics and amongst them there is one feature that it makes it handy and convenient to join an Android phone with a computer.


Benefits of Developer Options

Developers and app builders basically need developer options as it assist them in their work through many ways.  Developers required developer options especially when they need to pin point a bug and while fixing it up.

Besides developers you can also get benefited by developer options. Developer options are said to be the sneaky little way that can take you in another world where you will find some amazing beneficial tools and tweaks. Developer options are hidden in Settings app of Android.

You can trick any one by just showing a fake location (GPS) of yours by one of the tool of developer options.  But for getting such tricky tools you need to turn on the developer options by going into the settings apps of android and hunt the option.


How to Enable Developer Options in Android Devices

  • First of all go to your Setting app


  • Move down your menu of settings
  • Seek for the “About phone OR About Device” menu


  • Look for the “Build number” option in the list that has just opened
  • Now hit ‘Build Number” back to back for exactly 7 times


  • Your option of Developer options has been enabled now, you can see it in Settings menu and can approach it any time!

You can access it for different features. If you want to connect it to your laptop or PC, you would have to turn on usb debugging mode in developer options.


How to Disable Developer Options in Android Phones

  • Go to your settings app
  • Look for the App Manager option


  • Hit on it and further seek for the “Settings” App as you can see in the picture below.


  • Hit on the settings menu icon
  • Seek for the button “Storage”


  • Hit that button of Clear data


  • Hit OK in order to ensure the action
  • By performing this action the developer options have been disabled.


Final Verdict

Enabling and disabling the developer options is a real piece of cake no complexity is involved. You can turn it on when you think you need to cherish by some useful tools of developer options and can turn it off whenever you want. So now you know why developer options is a useful option for us all and how can we easily show or hide it in our phones. If you are an app builder then you better keep it turned on as you can trace out any glitch that occurs in apps.