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How to edit and trim voice memos on iPhone

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Editing the voice memos means to trim it, by trimming the voice memo you cut off the unnecessary sound from the voice memos. Many a times it happens to then whenever you get to start the recording it does start very pleasingly or it doesn’t end in a more suitable way so by trimming the voice memo you can cut off the unwanted addition. Before trimming, make sure you already have a voice memo saved in your phone, for that read: How to use and record voice memos in iPhone

After editing the voice memos you can save it on your phone or transfer it to your Pc from your iPhone.

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There is a simple set of steps in a procedure mentioned below that you required to follow:

How to Edit and Trim your Voice Memo 

how to edit and trim voice memos on iphone - How to edit and trim voice memos on iPhone
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  1. Go to the Voice memos app from your Home Screen
  2. Look and select for the Recording the one you want to Edit
  3. After getting it selected tap it
  4. Hit the option of Edit
  5. At the Playback editing screen you will be able to see the sound waves of recording
  6. You have to look for the Trim Button that will be located at the right side of your screen, that will be a tiny blue square, Tap it
  7. You will see the red sliders that will let you trim your recording, these red lines will be at both sides of recording
  8. So start trimming by sliding
  9. Simultaneously you have to touch and hold the red grabber and start dragging it toward the center in order to shorten the recording
  10. Take it to the point from where you want it to start, it should be a bit away from the blue line
  11. Tap trim if you are done

 How to Save the Trimmed Recording:

When you are done with the trimming or editing your recording then you have these three options mentioned above.

  • You need to tap Trim Original to change the original recording besides that you can hit Save As New Recording for keeping the original one
  • When you will save it as a new recording then it will get saved by the same name but at the it will be marked as Copy

By tapping ‘Trim original’ your original recording will be replaced by the one you just edited. By opting the option of ‘Save as New recording’ will let you create a new voice memo. By opting for Cancel allows you to go back from where you left, it will cancel the trimming.

Tip: As far as the expert opinion is concerned then it is strongly suggested to that the original recording can be removed any time but after getting it replaced there is no way to retrieve it. So better not to opt for ‘Trim original’

So that was all about editing and trimming the voice memos on iPhone, just follow the simple procedure and get your recording trimmed and shaped up the way you desire.

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