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how to delete whatsapp chat from iPhone

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how to delete whatsapp chat from iphone

A great majority of people remain in touch with their near and dear ones through WhatsApp service. It is said to be a great app in terms of having great storage as compared by any other app it tends to hog more storage. Throughout the world people of various age group are seemed to exchange funny and interesting and informative videos through WhatsApp.

One has to keep tabs on the messaging app so it may not eat up more storage, so frequently one has to do the cleaning. It’s no biggie to know how to delete and clear the chat history from iPhone you just need to follow some simple tiny steps.

In case you have got an android phone, you can also check how to delete whatsapp chats backup from android phones.

Now back to iPhone WhatsApp chat, It’s not just your chat that gets deleted rather all your sent and received media also get deleted so before deleting you must remember this point.

The great force that convinces you to get rid of the chat history is none other than privacy and WhatsApp has a very handy procedure to get it done.

Salient points to ponder before deleting your chat history:

  • It will erase the whole chat history both individual and group.
  • All the WhatsApp users that are associated with the individual chat will also be get deleted.
  • The name of any group will remain there and you will be directed to follow the same procedure for erasing the group name too.

How to delete the chat history from iphone


delete whatsapp chat history in iphone

  1. First, launch WhatsApp at your iPhone
  2. Head to settings and hit in chats
  3. Tap on Delete All Chats.
  4. Provide your WhatsApp number—> Hit on Delete All Chats

Follow the same procedure for the deletion of Group name.

Erasing individual message

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone
  2. Select the chats tab from the bottom and open the conversation that you are intended to delete.
  3. Keep your finger on that message clasp it for a while then you will see pop up window so hit Delete button.

Erasing multiple messages

  1. Hit on the little circle that is located to the left of each message and hit the delete button
  2. Tap on recycle bin icon and hit on delete the message.

Erasing group chat history

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone
  2. Head to conversation/chats you wish to delete
  3. Tap on the name of the individual/group name
  4. Move down and hit on Clear Chat
  5. You will be given 2 options either to Delete all except starred or delete all messages
  6. Select the one you prefer most

It would be very convenient to review on all this as the chat history tends to consume a large space that can cause lag performance on your iPhone. In fact, if you want to check out some more tutorials you can easily check them at Techbytex, which will be related to your iPhone and many other things of your interest. But for now, let’s breathe your phone and get rid of the chat history which you are looking for.

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