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How to delete whatsapp backup on android saved on Google Drive

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How to delete whatsapp backup on android saved on Google Drive

WhatsApp releases an update that allows you freely backup WhatsApp chat to Google Drive. The icing on the cake is you can handily erase your WhatsApp backup saved on your Google Drive storage permanently so you don’t get to see the useless messages every time you change your phone and restore the old backup. By connecting with your Google account with your WhatsApp these typical feature backups all your chat messages, photos and videos to your Google Drive. There would be many who may not want to save it on Google Drive. So everyone could have his/her own reason to erase it so the point is how to do it?

But there are some cases in which you want to delete the current all the chats from android as well, in that case, check this article.

It is suggested and preferred to erase all the useless and futile files as they take adequate place to occupy your storage regardless of the fact of being online or offline. There is no point of cluttering your storage with WhatsApp media files. If you are interested in deleting these files then you better start erasing the useless files one by one as it will also delete all of your chat messages.

How to delete whatsapp backup from google drive

how to delete whatsapp backup


  1. First of all from your phone’s browser visit drive.google.com>log in to your Google Account the one you selected.
  2. Now you will notice on the left three lines you need to hit them or move them with your finger left to right.
  3. Pick up the Desktop Version as the setting will be displayed on the Desktop Version.
  4. Hit the gear icon that will be located at the right corner and then select settings.
  5. Head to Manage Apps and move down to the WhatsApp application>hit the options and also the WhatsApp>choose to Delete hidden app data that will be in a drop-down list.

All of your WhatsApp backup data is removed!

Whoever feels the need for erasing its stored WhatsApp back in Google Drive can get rid of it by the above-mentioned procedure.

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