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How to delete whatsapp backup on android phones

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how to delete whatsapp backup on android

You sometimes feel the need to delete whatsApp backup data on your android phones saved on your android devices. Whatsapp gave an update that allows you backup whatsapp chat to Google Drive and its’ database files exist on your devices as well. For deleting the backups on whatsapp in android first you need to ponder on the following points:

Your chat history main file have been saved in the below path

  • SD card
  • Device Storage
  • Whatsapp
  • Databases
  • You can’t access and open these folders outside of Whatsapp due to the security of android phones and whatsapp data
  • A file manager is required to delete all these files.


Follow these steps to Delete your whatsapp backup on android


1. Launch your file manager

how to delete whatsapp backup on android phones

  • First of all launch your file manager. As it will allow you to browse and manage your files in your device’s storage. Download file manager app from Google Play as it is free.


2. Open your internal Storage/ SD card storage

how to delete whatsapp backup on android devices

  • Now open your internal storage/SD card storage folder. There are some file managers that opens up a home screen for you to select. You will see option that can include music, Pictures, Documents and Downloads. Approach to WhatsApp folder in either one of your internal storage or SD card storage folders.


3. Scroll down and Hit the WhatsApp folder

how to delete whatsapp backup on android handsets

  • Move download and hit the whatsApp folder. A list of folders will be there in your mobile storage. Discover and hit the WhatsApp folder in order to glance at the contents of it. If you notice a magnifying glass icon on your screen hit it and find “WhatsApp”, it is said that most of the file manager apps tend to have a search function.


4. Data bases Folder

how to delete whatsapp backup on android smartphones

  • Tap and clasp for a while to the Databases folder. This is the place where chat and profile backups are kept and stored. The folder will get highlighted when you will tap and clasp it.


5. Choose the Delete Option

  • Now choose the delete option. It banks upon the file manager you are using, it is most likely to be like a trash can icon besides that it can be a button that allows you to delete.


6. Give the confirmation to erase your databases folder

Here you will be asked to confirm your databases folder. After the confirmation all chat and profile backups will get erased on WhatsApp.

Just go through these steps and you are good to go to delete the whatsapp backup on your phones. This way there will be no database files left on your phones. Need to know about whatsapp backups in iPhone? You can check this article.

This feature is mostly used when you want to wipe WhatsApp from your phone completely. And this is a recommended action while uninstalling it as these database files are in GBs and the data is too large consuming your memory and hence, slowing down your phone.

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