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How to control the volume on iPhone

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Many users find the volume controls of iPhone quite mind-boggling and it is somewhat confusing. What makes it baffling are the side buttons that do not essentially alter and adjust the volume while a loud music is played.

So we will provide a short guide below regarding volume controls of your iphone device that you would definitely find a valuable one!

Lets proceed one by one:



Side Buttons To Control Volume in iPhone

The first thing that you need to understand at the very outset is that the side buttons of your device solely control the media volume or else these side buttons adjust alert sounds + ringer that’s it. They can’t be adjusted and modified into something else as that’s how it is by default.



Adjusting Volume from Control Center

By adjusting the volume from Control Center will help you in enjoying your favorite show on a platform like NetFlix and other platforms like that where you feel helpless to alter the volume in your desired way.

increase or decrease volume from control center - How to control the volume on iPhone

  1. For heading up to the Control Center swipe up your screen
  2. Go to the volume slider
  3. Drag the slider

By doing this you have adjusted a new level of volume for the video or songs whatever you are inclined to listen and watch. There are some other control in control center too such as screen brightness, airplane mode and many more.



Change with buttons Option to Increase or Decrease Media Volume

‘Change with buttons’ option exists in settings app that allows you to adjust the volume of media without affecting the volume of ringer and alerts. So first let’s get to know how to toggle ‘Change with options’ button:

change with buttons volume controls ios - How to control the volume on iPhone
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  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Head up to ‘Sounds” and tap it
  3. Under Vibrate and under ‘Ringer & Alerts’ there will be a tab of ‘Change with buttons’
  4. A button is next to it you can switch it

You can mute your phone if you don’t want any interruption as it won’t affect the other volumes



Navigation Voice Volume in iPhone

Navigation voice volume exists in Settings app. It adjusts the voice that occurs while media is being played by you and then a prompts occur. When a user navigates somewhere and the voice is quite loud then he can use the side buttons of his device to alter it.

  1. No Voice: By selecting No Voice will mute the navigations prompts.
  2. Low volume: By selecting the Low volume will let you play the media + Prompts exactly at the same volume level.
  3. Normal Volume: By selecting the Normal Volume the media is played at lower volume while navigation
  4. Loud Volume: By selecting a Loud Volume puts the media volume lower and the voice volume higher when a user is navigating



Adjusting volume of Siri

You can adjust the volume of Siri but only when you will raise the voice assistant. Let’s see how can you do this:

  1. Clasp the Home button for a little while
  2. You will be able to see the Siri prompt on your screen
  3. Now use the side buttons of your iPhone to fix the volume as you desire

That is how the volume of Siri can be altered in a most perfect way!



Using the option of Volume limit

This option is also found in Settings app. This options determines the limit of volume, lets see how to set it up:

  1. Head up to settings app
  2. Go to General
  3. There will be an option of Restrictions, tap it
  4. Look for Volume Limit and tap it

It is suggested to opt this option as it sets the limit and prevents the ear damage. This option is highly applauded by the parents who can keep their child at bay for listening a very loud music.

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How to Set a Password to Volume Limit

It will be wise to set a password for a Volume Limit so no one can especially your little recipe for disaster may not disable it. Lets see how to set a password:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap the option of Restrictions
  4. Enable the Restriction
  5. You will be asked to create a four-digit password
  6. Provide a password
  7. Now go to Volume Limit and tap it
  8. Tap Don’t Allow Changes

So that was all about volume controls in iPhone, the above mentioned details are the useful ones for having a better understanding of all the things about volume controls.

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