How to Autoplay (Auto-Scroll) Short FaceBook Videos?


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Short Facebook videos are a welcoming addition to your news feed, and everyone is enthused to be part of this growing trend. It is one of the enchanting features of reels that expand across all FaceBook platforms. Moreover, trending short videos are created in the same format as reels for the sake of fun and entertainment. However, you can spice up your short FaceBook videos by acclimating little demographic changes to create unique content for pleasure or to advertise your business.

People are concerned about crossover the confusion to Autoplay (Auto-Scroll) Short Facebook Videos. In this guide, TechByteX will let you grasp everything relating to autoplay short Facebook videos.


Why Facebook Shorts Are Adored by the Masses?

It is a human instinct that he/she attracts to anything trending. Plus, curiosity does not let him stay away from the ongoing mania, and it propels him to jump on a bandwagon to be part of the madness. The same happens with FaceBook shorts that do not require manual swiping, and you can consume one after the other automatically. If you call it a reaction to TikTok, then it would not be wrong.

When TikTok hit the market a few years back, it was a storm indeed, till now it is at the height of fame regardless of the bundle of controversies and bans. And the same fame has opened new doors for brands like YouTube and Facebook, to create Instagram Reels, Facebook Shorts, and YouTube Shorts.


Features of Short FaceBook Videos

  • Facebook reels videos is the social network’s short-form video feature
  • These are 1-minute videos
  • Depicts any content from any genre
  • An ideal channel for content creators, to constantly fire content to their subscribers
  • Short-form videos are non-stop enjoyment
  • The auto-play enabled will let you switch from one Facebook short video to another in a jiffy

This article is purposefully written to explain how to autoplay (Auto-Scroll) Short Facebook videos.


How You Can Watch Facebook Short Videos?

The process is simple and easy, and everyone can do it. If you are enthused to watch Facebook short videos, follow a step-by-step process to achieve a new feature. It is relatively easier to do it on Android and iOS.

Here are the Simple Settings to Enable Auto Scroll on Facebook Shorts for Mobile App.


Learn the Effective Ways to Enable Auto-Scroll Facebook Shorts on Android and iOS

Sometimes efforts like manual scrolling also become a glitch, especially when you are tired or traveling. Watching back-to-back shorts is the desired and preferred feature by almost everyone. From lazy teens to active enthusiasts, no one is willing to do a minimal effort of scrolling.

The steps to auto-play short Facebook videos for an Android device are no different for iPhone users. It is pertinent to note, that the setting to enable or disable the autoplay of Facebook short videos is intended for the two important rudiments of the network. The WiFi network and mobile data.

Here are the steps to Autoplay or Auto Scroll YouTube Shorts on Android or iPhone


  1. Tap the 3-horizontal bar button/menu button at the top right of Facebook
  2. Navigate to Settings & Privacy
  3. Then tap Settings
  4. Navigate to the tab Preferences and tap on Media
  5. Scroll to the Autoplay tab, under which you will see three options

On mobile data and Wi-Fi:

Videos will always auto-play on this selection.

On Wi-Fi only:

You can play videos only when your device is securely connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Never auto-play videos:

You cannot auto-play videos with this selection.

It is pertinent to note, to enable auto play or auto-scroll for Facebook Shorts, select On Mobile Data or WiFi.

If you are no more interested in Facebook Short videos and do not want to auto-play the videos, follow the above steps and select the option Never Auto play videos. See, how simple the process is!


When You Cannot Autoplay Short Facebook Videos?

When you are about to travel, make sure your Android device’s battery is full. Because Facebook videos won’t play automatically when the device’s battery is low. This is relevant even when you have managed the videos to auto-play on both WiFi and Mobile Data.


Can You Save Data While Autoplay of FaceBook Shorts is Enabled?

A lot of data is consumed when you watch the highest-quality picture video. It has nothing to do with whether your device is connected to WiFi or is using mobile data. However, if you have set your options to always autoplay, Mobile Data will be used to stream the videos. Always remember, that watching movies online and videos on a mobile date is an expensive option because videos will wipe off your limited cellular data. However, if you are still interested to enjoy the auto-play of Facebook shorts, then make changes to the following settings on your Facebook account.


  1. Tap on the 3-horizontal bar button/menu button at the top right of Facebook
  2. Navigate to Settings & Privacy
  3. Then tap Settings
  4. Navigate to the tab Preferences and tap on Media
  5. Scroll to the Video Quality tab
  6. Tap the box beside the options Optimized and Data Saver


What You Can Do by Selecting the Optimized Option?

When you select the Optimized option, the video quality is adjusted depending on the status of the network on your device. To enjoy watching Facebook Shorts incessantly, make sure the network is stable. For best video streaming, network stability is mandatory. On the flip side, the stuttering network will auto-play Facebook Shorts in lower resolution.


What You Can Do by Selecting the Data Saver Option?

The Data Saver as implied by the name gives you the option to use 40 percent lesser data. However, by availing of the said option, you will have to sacrifice the picture quality. Reduced picture quality does not impact your streaming, as long as the device is connected to a stable network without any disruption.


Can You Start Facebook Videos With Sound?

The particular feature is intrinsically dependent on your personal preference. For instance, when you are in public or in a place like a library or a hospital where sound can make your presence a little awkward, you can still enjoy Facebook Shorts with subtitles there. However, the accompanying video can resume sound effects when you are in your comfort zone.


Final Words

Facebook Shorts are an interesting way to get amused. Short videos do not take much time, and if it does not fit your taste, you can simply swipe them. Plus, enabling and disabling the option to start the playback of Facebook videos with sound or without sound is extremely simple and easy. Facebook shorts creators sense people’s interest and need that sometimes enjoying the visuals is more comfortable than hearing the audio.

Hopefully, you have grasped all the necessary steps and bits of info regarding how to autoplay (Auto Scroll) short FaceBook Videos.