How to Adjust the Screen Brightness on iPhone


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Screen brightness matters a lot as the demand of screen brightness varies from place to place. When you are in room, in a dark room indeed then you need a different level of brightness where as if you will be having fun sitting in your terrace at day time then you need a different level of screen brightness at your iPhone.

Thus it is highly important to know that what level of brightness you should set while using your device.


How to Increase or Decrease the Screen Brightness From Settings

Too much brightness dazzles your eyes and in the same way too much dim display disturbs and tortures your eyes so what you need to do in this regard is to set the brightness the way you feel comfortable and this you can do manually, let’s see how:

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  1. Head up to your settings app
  2. Go to Display & Brightness option and tap it
  3. There will be brightness bar so set it by sliding
  4. Take it to your desired level

If you find it difficult to every time set the brightness manually then you can opt the option of auto-brightness.


How to Increase or Decrease the Screen Brightness Through Control Center

It is another way to adjust the screen brightness through Control Center. Lets see how:


  1. Swipe to your finger up to get Control Center
  2. You have to move the knob of brightness
  3. By moving it UP or DOWN you will be able to adjust the display brightness.


How to Turn Auto-Brightness On or Off

Auto-Brightness is a feature which helps you setting up and adjusting the brightness itself and you don’t have to set it all the time.

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  1. Go to Settings
  2. Look for the option of General and tap it
  3. Tap Accessibility
  4. Go to Display Accomodations
  5. Turn the Auto-Brightness Switch ON or OFF


How to Make the Display Darker on iPhone

Thanks to Apple’s Zoom accessibility settings that allows its users to set a darker display. Lets see how to set it up:

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  1. Head up to settings app
  2. Go to General and tap it
  3. By tapping General you will see Accessibility and then Zoom
  4. Turn on Zoom
  5. The Zoom Region has to be set at ‘Full Screen Zoom’
  6. Go to Zoom Filter and tap it
  7. At that window you have to select Low Light

Note: If you want to come out of your Zoom Mode you just have to tap with THREE FINGERS THREE TIMES Anywhere on the Screen.



So that was all about screen brightness on iPhone and how to turn if on or off depending upon our need. iPhone like other smartphones has ambient light sensor, the automatic adjustment of iPhone’s display tends to provide its users an optimal user experience. Brightness determines the strength of your iPhone’s screen display. So when it comes to the user experience then the significance of screen brightness cannot be denied in any way.

The screen brightness in iPhone has to be very soothing and pleasing to your eyes. Your eyes should not have to strain hard while interacting with your device. Just make sure the level of brightness shouldn’t harm your eyes so you better set the level taking this in your account.