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Hide pictures and videos from Gallery on android phones

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How to hide videos and picture files in android phones

Though this digital age has turned us into a typical snap-happy person but still a matter of personal privacy is our top most concern and for we always need ways to hide pictures and videos from gallery on our android devices. Obviously it is your personal choice if you want some of your pictures and some videos not to be viewed by any X.Y.Z person so not to worry as we have come up with some bucket list of best ways that will secure your media and you can easy hide your media from gallery. The main benefit of these apps is that you won’t feel reluctant in handing over your set to your kid or to your friend etc as no one except you will be able to peep into your gallery.

Hide your Photos and Video files from gallery

1. Hide media through manual file management

With this method you can hide your pictures and other stuff without any application. Although you have 90% chance that file manager would already be included in your android application but in case if it does not exist then you can download a file manager app from the Android Market or the other way is to mount your SD card on your computer and then track the given steps.

Step 1: Open the file manager/SD card

After opening the file manager/SD card you need to add a folder and name it as starting with a period (“.”). for e.g “.mypics”

Step2: transfer your photos to the folder you created

Now you have to move the photos into this folder you just created, you might have to check the box to show hidden folders by clicking three dots on the top-right corner and by moving the pictures in this folder they  will no longer be viewed in the default gallery app, it will be in the file manager. Just have a sharpie memory to remember it that here you saved your photos.

Now there are many trusted apps that you can use for securing and hiding your pictures and videos. Such apps will lock down and put a veil on your pictures.

So let’s have a look at the most popular apps that you must try as they worth it.


2. Hide Gallery items using Vault app:

hide pictures and videos with vault app

It is said to be the most trusted app for hiding the videos and photos, its users really give a mighty applause to it. The straight forward interface of it with tremendous modern features really surprise you when you opt them.

The handy way to use it is to hide your pictures and videos from gallery into Vault and then just set a password so only your access will be possible and rest will be at bay.

The best part is yet to come if someone will try to leap at the password protected Vault and comes up with the incorrect password vault will capture his/her picture and will inform you about this, Isn’t it amazing?

If you want to make any bull-headed a perfect goof then Vault can make this dream come true as the advance feature of Vault will let you create a fake vault with Fake pictures to make that bully a goof and it will make him think as he has accessed the real Vault. There is also an option of hiding this app, do it if you are interested!

For hiding your stuff with this app you just need to open it and hold on the pictures individually until the menu starts popping up.  Secondly what you can do is go to the gallery and tap the share button on the pictures you want to hide and send them to Vault hiding spot, which has to be protected by a password. Get it free and hide as many stuff as you want!

So get the best out of it and enjoy your privacy alone!

Download Link: Vault App

3. Gallery Lock Lite app:

Hide files with gallery lock app

It is also a wonderful app with excellent features, all you need to do is set a pass code in order to unlock and to get access to your photos, while at the first opening the app you will be prompted to do so, moreover you also have the option to hide the Gallery lock Lite app by the app drawer and then call at 3333 for opening it. Here you have a limitation of number of photos you can hide. But in a pro version you will get it unlimited.

Download Link: Gallery Lock Lite app

4. Private Photo Vault app (Pictures and videos both):

Hide media with private photo app

It’s a private photo Vault app that can hide your videos too, it is considered a strong app with excellent and vigorous customization options. Here you will be directed to enter two passwords on your photos and videos, one password will give you the access to the app and the second one will give you the access to your photos inside the albums.

If you are eager to send your locked photos to your friend or to anyone then you can do it via text message or by sending an email right from the app.

This app will catch a thief too whoever will try to trespass this app will capture a photo of him/her and GPS coordinates when someone will make the slightest effort to access the vault. Now most of the android users know that we have this feature in our phone that we can take screenshots in our phones, you can check this article on how to take screenshots if you don’t know about this feature. But the main things is that this app does not even let anyone take screenshots of the application. Otherwise if someone by any chance manages to crosses up to your private pictures he wont be able to take screenshots and forward it to his cell phone.

Download Link: Private Photo Vault app

5. Fotox app:

Fotox app

For the purpose of hiding your stuff you can surely trust on this app. It has multiple ways of locking up your stuff in a very reliable way.

It introduces 4 methods:

1. Password

2. Pattern

3. Face detection

4. Pin

Very handily you can add up your photos and videos to your vault just by taking the picture from the app, sending them to Fotox or by searching the gallery. This is one of the best apps to hide media files in your phone.

No matter where you are you will be given a full access along with the full sync as your private photos can be reversed to Fotox cloud storage. For the protection of your photos you can hide the app too.

Download Link: Fotox app

6. Photo Locker app:

Lock photos with photo locker

It is one of the finest app for the security of media and for the privacy of your data too. It comes up with awesome features regarding the security and protection of your privacy. The whole data inside Photo Locker is encrypted that assures no one can peep in no matter what happens. Very conveniently you can get your photos add to the locker via various ways, inside the app you will be given a freedom of full control over the photos for instance if you are interested in panning the pic and slideshow view than you can do it the way you want.

In case you happen to forget to lock the app then don’t panic it has the system to auto lock itself the moment your set goes to sleep. As far as the password method is concerned it is also a simple one you will be able to recover password by your email.

Download Link: Photo Locker app

7. KeepSafe app:

Hide photos with keep safe app

This app has huge customization options and ways to guard your photos. It has a rapid navigation because of the simple interface, it lets you add the photos from the phone gallery. Through PIN a protection will be given to your stuff. You will be enthused to buy the premium version of this app after knowing extra ordinary advanced and innovative features.

Download Link: KeepSafe app

8. Hide it Pro – Hide pictures and videos from gallery:

Hide media with hide it pro

Isn’t it interesting that just by simply hitting you would be able to put barrier to your valuable private stuff? And the icing on the cake is you will not have to spend even a single penny for this great perk! Hide it pro app works as an audio manager to hide its character and gives the surety of data safety.

You will see excellent customizations options with navigation tools thus you will be able to categorize it the way you want.

You have two ways to use it either by PIN or by setting up a password in order to protect your stuff. This app doesn’t appear in the apps list.

Download Link: Hide it Pro app

9. Safe Gallery Free app:

Safe Gallery app

This app tends to protect all of your media files in the gallery by setting up a password. You can choose the option you like best as whether you like a PIN, pattern or password protection. The Safe gallery free app also caters you in a way that you would be able to lock images from web pages by just tapping it.

It would be wise to turn this app into  “App Hide Mode” so the system may not show it that it even exists. Just by dialing a Pin in the phone’s dial pad you can recover it.

Download Link: Safe Gallery Free app

So there are diverse ways that you can rely on to hide your Pictures on android phones. Let your mind take rest and welcome the trusted ways that are ready to put your restless mind at ease.

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