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These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

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These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your day techbytex 850x491 - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

iPhone is an extra ordinary tool with bundles of hidden tricks and secrets. There are many untold and amazing features and characteristics which many of you will not be aware of.  So we have created a bucket list of tips and tricks of iPhone for your better understanding with iPhone. Just in case you are really interesting in amazing tricks of different things, you should definitely check these hidden google tricks. This will assist you in getting the most out of it. You will be able to learn some handy ways to use it in a more beneficial way.

Amazing hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets

  1. Practice a more protected alphanumeric passcode

create custom passcode iphone - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

Alphanumeric characters contain both numbers and alphabets at the same time. So here it is suggested to practice the alphanumeric passcode, its not difficult to do as you just need to do the following:

  • Head to the Settings app
  • Touch ID and Passcode
  • Change Passcode 
  • When prompted to enter a New Passcode
  • Tap ‘Passcode Options‘.

By doing this you will be offered some advanced options such as picking for the shorter four-digit passcode, just hit that and enter your new password.


  1. Setting up custom vibrations on iPhone

make custom vibration for contacts iphone - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

By setting up your custom vibrations you will be able to identify who is calling without even glancing at your phone. It can be done in two ways either by assigning a ring tone to a contact or by giving contact a custom vibration pattern. Its not any biggie to do so:

  • Open Phone/Contacts.
  • Select a Contact.
  • Hit the Edit button that will be in the top-right corner.
  • Find the ringtone field by scrolling down, you will see a vibration field under it, Tap it.
  • By tapping you will see an assortment that will allow you to build vibration patterns.
  • Create your own rhythm by further going down, create a new vibration by tapping on the screen.
  • Tap save to set the pattern.


  1. Skip calls with “Remind Me Later”

IMG 20171005 WA0014 e1507147219299 - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

IOS reminds you to call back later, likewise in auto-replies depending upon the version of iOS. Such as in iOS 9/10 you can do this by hitting the Remind Me button that is situated above the slide.

Whereas the versions that came earlier have to swipe upwards and select Remind Me Later. You have the choice of changing it into reminded me in an hour or where applicable like “when I get home”.

But ensure the accuracy of details regarding your address as it has to be up-to-the-minute. iPhone inquires where you reside. Your GPS movements will be depended upon the timings.


  1. Generate custom iMessage replies for the calls you can’t answer

You are not always in a position of answering the call so in this regard iOS allows you and assists you to respond such calls by a text message. This also banks upon the version of iOS, though its handy to do like:

  • Swipe upward on the phone icon that is visible next to the unlock slider
  • Choose respond by a text OR
  • Hit the button labeled message above the Slide to reply slider.

By default three pre-written choices will appear:

  1. “Sorry, I can’t talk right now”
  2. “I’m on my way”
  3. “Can I call you later?”

You will have the choice to customize the prepared messages:

  • Settings
  • Phone
  • Respond With Text

By adding a new one you will be directed to remove one from the current options. So hit the one you want to remove and type the new respond.


  1. Form custom ringtones and alert tones in iTunes or GarageBand

How about forming a ringtone for iPhone? Well you can do this from any music track from the iTunes library or from the amazing iTunes website which is one of the many useful websites for iPhone users.

Create a short>sub-30-second duplicate version of the track> convert the file type of this track from .m4a to .m4r; re-import the track to iTunes as a ringtone; sync the ringtone with your iPhone.

It can be formed by unique custom I phone ringtones from your own audio creations, lets see how to do it:

  1. Create a 30-second track in GarageBand
  2. Head to the Share options and choose Ringtone; then allocate it to a contact or notification.


  1. Taking photos during shooting videos

IMG 20171005 WA0011 - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

Many of you feel delighted to capture a snap while making a video too but you don’t know the way to do it well its not complicated as without hindering the recording you can do it:

Hit the camera button that tends to appear on-screen in addition to the shutter button as you shoot a video.


  1. Saving PDF to iBooks app

You might not aware of turning your web pages into PDFs moreover you can get them added to your iBooks app directly. There is no biggie especially if someone is going through a lengthy web document.

  1. Hit Share
  2. Scroll across the apps to figure out Save PDF to I Books
  3. Hit it so the web page convert and get added to your book collection.


  1. Save battery with Low Power Mode

iphone battery low power mode - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

Low power mode tends to decrease the consumption as it turns off a great number of iphone features. Apparently your iphone functions normally but the battery will last for a greater time.

So if you are up to using your iphone for a long time then you better switch it to the Low power mode.

  • Go to Settings 
  • Battery 
  • Low Power Mode.

Now enjoy using it for a longer time!


  1. Set up Do Not Disturb mode

IMG 20171005 WA0002 - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

Its really annoying when you are at work and your phone starts ringing, or you are at your cozy bed and enjoying sound nap and just then you heard your mobile ringing. So here its highly needed to keep such disruptions at bay.

It is wise to switch and set up a “Do not Disturb” mode in such situations, lets see hoe can you set it up:

  • Go to the Control Centre
  • Swipe upwards from the Home screen (or from within apps, if you’ve allowed that feature)
  • Hit the crescent moon icon in the top row of options.

You will see a moon icon at the top bar of your screen so from now on the mode is activated and the incoming calls and alerts will be silenced.

A matching moon icon will then appear in the top bar of your iPhone screen. (Can we take a moment to appreciate how elegantly this top icon ‘waxes’ and ‘wanes’ when switched on and off?) With Do Not Disturb activated, incoming calls and alerts will be shushed. How easy it is, isn’t it?

Contacts/people can be added to the Favorites list in the contact app who can disturb you actually.

IMG 20171005 WA0009 - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

  • Select a contact
  • Scroll down to the bottom of their listing 
  • Hit Add to Favourites.


  1. Speedily add symbols: keyboard 1

Do you have any idea how simply it is to add symbols by your keyboard? Lets see how handily and rapidly you can make it done:

  1. Hit the 123 button
  2. Slide your finger to choose the symbol you are interested to insert then release

After adding now your keyboard will automatically and routinely return back to the letters keyboard.  Moreover when you will hold your finger on the symbol for a while you will notice a alternative/related symbol that button will offer. For instance the dollar key also deals with pound/euro and yen symbols.

So suss out such additional symbols hidden within your keyboard that you must discover.

Modify auto-correct text replacement: keyboard 3

iOS system-wide keyboard is smart enough to reckon what one is going to type and this auto-correct thing sometimes type beyond accuracy. So you better customize it and in this way you will make it know your personal shortcuts and abbreviations including the full fledge phrases that you would like to enlarge those abbreviations into. There is nothing difficult in setting up this personalized shortcuts, lets see how to do it:

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Scroll down and hit Keyboard
  • Now select Text Replacement.

You will be able to see the text replacements you currently have set up.


  1. Jiggle to undo

iPhone shake redo message - These Hidden iPhone tricks and Secrets will make your Day

May be it sounds you pointless but it promises to be a bit of life saver. Suppose you are typing a lengthy phrase but somehow you happened to erase it by chance and unintentionally.  You will be like pulling your hair at that moment of disgust! But lets not be panic as you can retrieve the text back by just jiggling and shaking your iphone as it will bring up the undo/redo dialogue box. For doing this you must have a strong grip at your phone.


  1. Rich formatting

You need to open an app that helps and supports rich formatting and you follow this procedure:

  • Highlight the text you’d like to edit by double-tapping it
  • Choose the formatting menu (BIU for all the formatting options).
  • Now select your chosen effect and it’ll be applied to the selected text.
  1. Disregard the poor wi-fi connections automatically

A wifi-fi connection is preferred on the phone data connection but its annoying to know that all your data and spotify streaming is off the cards all of a sudden! It happens sometimes that wi-fi connections turn slow especially the public ones as it is bombarded with lots of users and distant routers. But if you have iOS 9 onward introduces an excellent feature that is called wifi Assist. It tends to display the slow annoying networks to be overlooked spontaneously instead make use of more reliable and consistent 4G data.


  1. Get your phone charged faster by going to Flight safe mode

Keeping your phone charged is like dealing with one big issue but you can very well grapple with this issue by just hitting a single magical button. By engaging the flight safe mode you enable your phone to speed up the charging process. As it instantly knocks out wi-fi searching including the data-draining communication services

So now you now that loads of superb iphone features were there to be discovered and you weren’t aware of them. Now you can get all these hidden benefits and perks that were veiled under its wonderful skin.

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