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23 Best Hidden Google Tricks that you will definitely try

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Google is like a magic wand that has many secrets hidden in it. The world of Google is full of funny trickeries. Many Google tricks are not yet concealed by anyone, though they are very fascinating and thought-provoking. It is expecting you to explore its nonchalant flukes and mysteries. Let us dig deep to discover the hidden world of Google tricks.

Let’s discover these Hidden Google Tricks

1. Google can work as a timer:

set timer x minutes in google

An astounding feature of Google that is hidden from its majority of users, that is it can be used as a timer. It is its spectacular hidden feature that setting an alarm does not need any software to be installed. You can explore the feature by two means.

  1. You can set a quick timer by just typing your desirable time. A countdown will start right after pushing the enter button. When it reaches the designated time Google will start shouting in interminable voice.
  2. You can also get the Google alarm by using the command option.


2. Google can perceive your required images:

google reverse image search

Sometimes you experience that you are lack of words regarding the proper description of something precise. Google allows its vast majority of web surfers to deliver something unique by just reading the images. Follow the easy procedure.

  1. Get into the image.Google.com.
  2. Enter “Reverse image search”.
  3. Clack the camera option.
  4. Go through all the uploaded images for the one suit you most.

3. Google can confront gravity:

i am feeling lucky google trick

Google entertains you by showing how it can defy gravity. Go for a simple check.

  • Write something in bold.
  • Click “I am Feeling Lucky”, It will promptly take you to the most apposite sites and then the Google show begins.
  • The search engine will lose its gravity and breaks into tiny pieces all over the screen. Mouse movements will crush it more into small pieces.


4. Google can make your screen spinning upside down:

do a barrel role trick

It is great fun to experience screen spinning. Let us tell you how you can make your screen whirling upside down.

  1. Search for “Do a barrel roll”.
  2. Now get ready for the jaw-dropping fun and sensation.

Enjoy an unlimited excitement of screen rotating and revolving in front of your eyes. Each time you will go through it, will give you a perpetual delight.

5. Google can make your screen tilted:

google askew trick

It is something shocking and surprising to experience your screen slanted by just typing Askew in the search.


6. Zerg Rush will bout Google results:

zerg rush google game

The fun will begin when you type Google Zerg Rush and push the enter button. Zerg Rush will arbitrate the google results. Google page will be transformed into the gameplay of Starcraft. It is an amazing view o of Zerg Bush when it the Google “o” and obliterates the web page. 


7. Google can make your homepage rotating about:

google space doob trick

Just type “Google pushes sphere” and then enter the very first search of Mr.doob.com and what will you have to see in your result would be astonishing and interesting. The whole homepage will starts revolving around a Google orbit. As you move your mouse the rotation gets speediness.


8. Google can make your homepage moving in the space:

google space doob trick

Type Google space and go for the very first result Mr.doob.com and then the real fun begins. Your entire homepage will start floating in the air.


9. Google spin painter:

google spin painter

Google search painter allows you to use your cursor in drizzling different colors. Your homepage will become a whirlpool of multi colors. Just type Google search painter and select the very first search result of Mr.doob.com and fun is just one click away.


10. Google underwater search:

google shuixia underwater search

Many among you are still unknown of this hidden Google trick. Type Google underwater and hit the very first search result http://elgoog and enjoy the underwater refreshing view. It would be enchanting to see underwater creatures on google homepage.


11. Google can make your HTML wink:

blink html trick

Type “Blink HTML” and Google can make your HTML blink. It is interesting to watch twinkling HTML of your search results.


13. Google can play with the word “Kerning”:

kerning trick

Google will deliver a search result of kerning when you type “Kerning”. It is a comical view of place-changing of letters in “kerning” in all your search results. It is an amazing visual presentation for which the kerning stands for that is spacing between letters.


13. What Google delivers in search of “Binary”:

google binary trick

The computer is an assortment of digital codes of 1’s and 0’s. That’s why when you type “Binary” the whole result is shown in the form of binary numbers.


14. Google allows you to play Pac-man:

play pacman on google

Write Pacman and push the enter button and Google permits you to play Pacman. The reason behind this striking feature is when in 2010 when Google is celebrating its 30th anniversary, the new version of Pacman was released in that era. Google then presented Pacman the privilege by placing its logo on the Google homepage.


15. Google allows you to play the guitar on its homepage:

google guitar search

An interesting hidden trick of Google is its playable guitar. It is done by Google in order to celebrate the birthday of the inventor of electric guitar, Les Paul. The easy process to play the guitar on the Google homepage is as under.

  1. Type Google guitar.
  2. Enter the option of elgoog.im that would be the first search result.


16. Google can keep you informed of the world’s weather:

google weather trick

This is one of the most google searches done. You can check the weather of any place by just typing for instance, “weather of Paris”, and the most accurate result will be shown on Google homepage.


17. Google is best in making calculations:

google math calculator

Google can make your complex calculations handy, in making calculations Google is very handy. Google is a great time saver in this regard as it allows you to make all type of conversions.

18. Google can provide an explanation of several words:

define google entry search

Google is featured by defining a word of any genre. You are just required to type a word for which you need an explanation and instant feedback will be provided. For instance, “democracy”.

19. Google can give you up-to-the-minute knowledge of markets:

google market update trick

It is an informative feature to know about the market. Type anything to know about a company, just write down its name and go for it.

20. Google trick to know the time around the globe:

google time feature

It has become very easy to know about the time zone of any country, city or region. Type time and name of the place, and you will have your desired result in no time. For instance, “time Sydney”

21. Google allows you to have a sports update:

recent match score in google

Every single person is being fond of sports and wants to get informed of the latest scores and results. Google entertains you by informing the latest scores of recently played matches. For instance, “Atlanta Braves”.

23. Google keeps you informed about your flight schedules:

google flight information feature

It is a satisfying feature of Google, within no time you can know about flight schedules.it is an easy process that is time-saving too.

  1. Search for the airline.
  2. Then go for the flight number.
  3. Type a particular country and its “flight to” and “flight from” schedules. You can know about the status of flight too, in case of late you can leave for the airport accordingly.

23. Google does not get you bored while buffering:

play snake game on google

It is a caring and pleasing feature of Google that it allows you to enjoy and entertain yourselves when videos are on buffering. Google does not want you to get annoyed and irritate when video guts stuck and taking time to load. Play snake game in that tough time by,

  1. Type in the search bar “Google snake game”.
  2. Click enter and enjoy your game using arrow keys.


24. Google’s Atari Breakout:

Go in a search bar and type “Atari Breakout” and enjoy the game by clicking the image on the result page.

Google entertains you by allowing you to play the game on Google. Use arrow keys to move the ball.


25. Google allows you to speak:

It is an awesome Google trick. Whenever you are not in a mood of writing just click the microphone option and share your request with Google, and it will listen and deliver the results you are aiming for.


26. Google can tell you about your favorite celebrity:

It is no doubt a trick of Google that just by writing “crew of XXXX” you can get the names of the complete cast of the movie or play. You can search easily from your favorite star and know about its upcoming projects.

Also, take a look:

Google hidden tricks are entertaining and interesting to write and read, and more joy able to watch. It is suggested to watch an interesting video available on Google. Just write “Google hidden tricks videos”. We are all thankful of Google for providing an informative and entertaining platform to us. Google has many secrets and we did a small effort to discover its hidden trickeries. It has many more features that are still hidden.

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