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23 Best Hidden Google Tricks that you will definitely try

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Google is such an abracadabra thing that it’s magic and  tricks are something beyond sense. With its unimaginable hoodoo it tends to surprise you in several ways. There are many who are not yet aware of the diverse funny hidden Google tricks. You all admit that Google is awe-inspiring but still there are bundles of cool quirks that are yet to be discovered by many of you! So in short we have collected some best collectibles of Best Google tricks and it’s a sure bet you are going to love each of them.

Let’s discover these Hidden Google Tricks

  1. Google can be your Alarm:

set timer x minutes in google

You can surely use Google as your timer and for this the spell you need to poof is simple:

Just set a quick timer by Typing “Set timer X minutes” into Google.

After hitting Enter for once the timer will begin a count down. And sound off after the time finishes. You will find it the unending tone!

Secondly you can also use the command by setting a timer for X minutes, its quite handy but you will definitely find it useful as how simply you created an alarm without going through any installation process of any particular software.


  1. Google can read the Images:

google reverse image search

It happens sometimes that you don’t have proper and accurate keywords to define while looking for something specific. In this regard Google can give you a favor by reading the images, you just need to:

Go for “Reverse image search” at “images.Google.com”, by clicking the camera icon, uploading the image and then getting the results pictures that look relevant and similar.


  1. Google resists gravity:

i am feeling lucky google trick

Yes Google defies the gravity, the Google search’s “I am Feeling Lucky” button will take you to the most appropriate webpage to your search quest and for watching the show of Google gravity  you can disable Google’s instant results in your account.

 You should search the terms in bold and then click at ‘I am Feeling Lucky’.

You will see the fun while watching the search engine falling into pieces and it would be more fun to drag and bounce it all around your screen. The moment you will move the mouse it will start shattering into tiny pieces.


  1. Do a Barrel roll and watch the spinning screen:

do a barrel role trick

Watch your screen spinning upside down so for getting the taste of Barrel roll look what you need to do:

Just search ‘Do a barrel roll’ , you will see your screen spinning around right in front of your eyes and you will be left slack-jawed! In a moment your screen will lose its control and it will there spinning upside down.

This fun thing has been tried and tested by many and every time it gets played it is always turn to be an unceasingly great fun to have!


  1. Type Askew in search and see the slanted results

google askew trick

Try it you by typing Askew in search and the very next moment your screen will tilt.


  1. Type the name of game Zerg Rush

zerg rush google game

Type in search “Google Zerg Rush” and hit enter

This promises to be real fun when Zerg Rush will be there to fight for search results; Google page has adopted the gameplay of the widely popular online game Starcraft. Your page will be destroyed by the “Zerg rush” as it will send an unstoppable fleet of Google O’s to abolish your page . You will love trying it over and over again.   


  1. Watch the rotating  bars of Google sphere:

google space doob trick

By typing in search Google sphere you will see the whole homepage turning into a rotation around an orbit.

Type “Google sphere” and go to the very first search result mrdoob.com or you can click this link


  1. See Google page floating in space:

google space doob trick

When you write in search Google space and hit enter you will see homepage will start floating in air, it’s really interesting to view the Google floating here and there.

In search bar type Google Space and go to the very first mr.doob link here. 


  1. Google spin painter lets you paint with cursor:

google spin painter

By typing Google search painter and click it you will find your cursor lending multi colors, the colors will spin around and you can adjust the speed of spinning circle of colors.

  In search bar type Google spin painter and head over to mr.doob link.

  1. Google underwater search:

google shuixia underwater search

Type in search Google underwater and hit http://elgoog.im the very first link you would see.

Experience Google underwater by typing in search and see the Google homepage underwater amongst huge fishes.


  1. Make the HTML blink

blink html trick

Yes it’s true just by typing in Google search Blink HTML the whole results that Google provides, in it the entire HTML will start twinkling.

Type in search Blink HTML and hit enter


  1. Watch Google changes the space between letters:

kerning trick

When you do a search for kerning, Google alters the spaces between letters in the word “Kerning” in all the results. It’s hilarious to see this, one must try, it’s worth it.

Write in search Kerning hit enter

Kerning basically means spacing between letters in a word. This spacing between characters in a proportional font and that is usually to achieve a visually pleasing result.


  1. Write in search Google Binary and get 1s and 0s in results:

google binary trick

Search the word “Binary” the exact number of results won’t be displayed in the form you are familiar to rather it will be given in a binary code like in 1s and 0s for those of you who don’t speak geek.

Write in search Google Binary hit the very google link

You all know that Google is a collection of computer nerds. It’s a horse sense that when you will search for binary you will get the results based on zeros and ones.


  1. Play the Pac-man game on Google:

play pacman on google

You will be allowed to play a game by typing in search Google Pac-man it is because in the era of 2010 Google has celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pac-man’s release with its own version of the arcade classic in place of logo of Google on the homepage.

Write in search Pacman and hit enter


  1. Google’s homepage featured a playable Guitar

google guitar search

In order to celebrate the birth of the inventor of electric guitar Les Paul, Google’s homepage has featured a guitar that was playable.

Write in search Google guitar and hit the very first link of elgoog.im


  1. Google’s trick weather anywhere in the world:

google weather trick

To check the weather anywhere in the World, type “weather” followed by the place you want to check. For e.g “Weather New York


  1. Google as an excellent calculator:

google math calculator

Google is better at math than a lot of us. Enter in a math equation and Google will figure it out. For e.g Type 2+2.


  1. Google provides the definition of words

define google entry search

Google can define a word for you, just type “define” this word and you will be given a definition. For e.g “Define Angry Birds”.


  1. Google provides you the update of market

google market update trick

Google can keep you up to date with the market. You just need to search a company’s ticker symbol for the latest and most recent number (ex: “TGT” for Target).


  1. Google trick know the World time:

google time feature

If it is hard for you to know about the time zone of any place then just type “time” and city in order to get the local time. For e.g “Time Newyork”


  1. Get to know about the scores of sports

recent match score in google

In order to know the Sports Scores you just need to provide the team’s name in the search box, it will provide you the scores for the most recent matches. For e.g “Liverpool”


  1. Google tells you the flight schedule and status:

google flight information feature

You can get to know about the airline flight schedule and status by Google, for this just type “Flights to” and “Flights from” a certain city. You will get to know it by searching the airline and flight number.


  1. Play Google Snake game during the hold-up

play snake game on google

Write in search Google snake game hit enter and Play it with arrow keys

So now you don’t have to pull a long face while being on a hold-up, enjoy with snake!

It is sometimes really annoying and hair-pulling to be on a hold-up while YouTube videos are on buffering. Now there is a cool solution for turning this hold-up a pleasant one.

The Google technology is offered in over 150 languages, even it includes some peculiar and unique ones such as Pig Latin, Elmer Fudd, Hacker, Pirate, Klingon and above all the Swedish Muppet’s Bork Bork Bork.

Also check this amazing video on google tricks:

So that’s was the laundry list of some amazing hidden Google tricks, there may something still left in the bag to be discovered as its hard to reach at the horizon of Google in all the ways by all the means. Its not just a platform of information and knowledge it is something beyond one’s wildest dreams, it is something that always turns to be so amazing and entertaining. Try these tricks and hacks to get the best out of them, Thanks to Google for being so hilarious!

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