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Forgot your iPhone password – Here’s how to fix it

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forgot your iphone password fix

It sometimes happens that you all of a sudden forget the password of your iPhone, so at that moment what clicks you is that you keep trying the passcode with incorrect tapping and this further leads to another problem as tapping an incorrect password for 6 times triggers a message that states your iPhone has been disabled.

So in case you forget your iPhone password, don’t panic as there are some simple set of techniques that you need to implement for access to your iPhone.

Remove your iPhone or iPad Data:

This may sound very drastic to you but as you know drastic times requires drastic measures! So it is suggested to remove all the data on your iPhone, if you have one, recovering from backup.

The perks of erasing data:

  • By the removal of all data from your iPhone removes the old and forgotten password and this obviously allows you to set up the phone again.
  • From a security perspective, it is wise to do so as in case your iPhone gets stolen you will never want it to be handy to bypass the passcode and approach your data.

If you are worried about your data that can be deleted by this then the data can be restored if you have a recent backup of that data. As a precautionary measure make it your habit to make a backup on a regular bases.

Erase data from your iPhone

For fixing the password, you first have to erase the data from your phone. You can have three means to do that, erase the password and start:

Procedure 1: iCloud:

Use iCloud to remove the data using find my iPhone feature to erase data or track your stolen deviceYou can easily remove the data using iCloud.

Procedure 2: iTunes:

if you can physically access your iPhone then it is suggested to sync it regularly with a computer it is said to be the handiest option, make sure your computer has to be nearby. Here is a complete guide How to restore and back up your iPhone with iTunes.

Procedure 3: Recovery Mode:

You need to put your phone to Recovery Mode. You can check this complete iPhone Recovery Mode Guide.

Use iPhone recovery mode in the following situations:

  • Get installed an IOS update moreover your device gets held in a constant restart loop.
  • It usually happens when something wrong occurs with the update
  • Secondly when the battery is about to sink during the installation.

So Upgrade from a beta version of the IOS and there’s a bug, you will notice an Apple logo or you can get connected to iTunes icon on screen for a little while without having any change.

Recovery mode tends to remove all data on the device while restoring your iPhone.

By following any of the three methods you will have your iPhone in a new fresh state, now again you have some choices for proceeding to the next step:

Setting up the iPhone from the beginning:

Make a selection if you are interested in giving it a completely fresh start with your iPhone and don’t want to recover any data. Here is a step by step guide of how to set up your iPhone.

Recovering from backup:

Having a backup of your data would really be the best thing, either you have it on iTunes or iCloud and you are eager to place it back onto your phone. Here is how you can recover your data from backup using iCloud.

So these are the ways and means to fix your forgotten password, how handicap one gets when he happens to forget his password all he is left is to come up with wrong tapping to access his phone. But I guess from now on you done need to panic so just follow the suggested ways and fix this problem!

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