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6 Ways to fix wifi issues in samsung galaxy s9

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wifi issues samsung galaxy s9 - 6 Ways to fix wifi issues in samsung galaxy s9

There is nothing unusual to have Wi-Fi issues in Samsung Galaxy s9, such issues do occur, they are common and no so crucial to deal with. There is more than one factor is involved in the wi-fi connectivity problems. We have here amassed 6 fixes for resolving the connectivity issues in galaxy s9.

So, let’s get started by proceeding forward for the solutions of wifi problems in samsung.

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Fix 1: Restart the wireless modem or router

Some times it is your modem or router that is on the blink you need to check it, you should restart your wireless modem.

  1. First you need to turn off the router, press the Power button and wait for it to shut down
  2. Now from the power source get it unplugged
  3. Wait for 30-40 seconds and then plug in the router and turn it ON
  4. See if all indicators are stable

If it works then well and good otherwise move on to the next fix.


Fix 2: Disable and enable the Airplane mode

By enabling and disabling the Airplane mode will actually refreshes your device, it tends to wipe out the minute anomalies related to wi-fi.

  1. Head up to Apps and then go to Settings menu from your device
  2. Now tap on Search
  3. You need to go to the search field and enter “Airplane” mode
  4. For turning ON the Airplane mode you need to tap the slider
  5. Wait for 30 seconds and hit the switch for turning it off

Now try to connect your Wi-Fi and see if is working, in case its not working then switch over to the next fix.


Fix 3: Restart your Samsung Galaxy S9

Now its time to reboot your Samsung Galaxy s9. Don’t consider it insignificant as by restarting the connectivity errors are solved many a times.

  1. You need to press and grasp the power button simultaneously
  2. There will be an option of Power off so tap it
  3. Again tap it to ensure the action
  4. Wait for 30 seconds and then again press and grasp the power button at the same time until your phone restarts.

Does it work? If no then try the next one.


Fix 4: Forget Wi-Fi networks

Sometimes it happens that Wi-Fi networks get corrupted and stopped working. In this by forgetting the network can fix this issue.

  1. Head up to Apps screen
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Choose Connections
  4. Look for WiFi and tap it turn ON
  5. Now tap and grasp that wireless network the one you would like to remove or forget
  6. Choose the option to ‘Forget network
  7. In case there are some other saved wireless networks then you better delete them too in order to avoid any kind of conflict

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Not yet fixed the issue? No worries try out the up-coming one.


Fix 5: Check the Power Saving Features of your Samsung Galaxy S9

It could happen that it just gets slipped out of your mind that you have left the power saving features Enabled on your Samsung Galaxy s9, if this is so then you need check your wi-fi restrictions on your device.

Let’s see how you can check it out:

  1. Go to Setting menu
  2. Go to Power Mode
  3. See if you have turned it disable any of the restricting setting in the Connectivity Settings
  4. In case you see the restrictions, remove them and check again the connection between your wireless internet + your device (Samsung galaxy s9)

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Fix 6: Get a look of your Wi-Fi timer

In settings there is an option of wi-fi timer, you need to get a look of it.

How to check the wi-fi timer

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on wifi
  3. Hit on the Menu key
  4. Choose Advanced
  5. You will be able to see the Wi-Fi timer
  6. Turn it OFF

In case it is ON then your device is unable to get connect with internet.

So, these are some of the handful fixes that you can try for resolving the connectivity issues in your Samsung galaxy s9. if all else fails then it might be your router that needs to be replaced

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