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Find my iPhone feature to track your stolen lost device

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You can remotely track your lost, misplaced and stolen Apple device by Find My iPhone. A device has to be with internet connection, Find My iPhone assists you in tracing out the stolen lost device besides that it can distantly wipe all of your private information and that will definitely so beneficial in a way that it won’t let your data exploit in wrong hands.

Let’s get to learn how you can track your lost phone by Find My iPhone, this guide will make you learn how to enable Find my iPhone on all your devices and moreover how can you track them both on web and through the Find My iPhone app

Lets get started step by step and see what is required in this connection:

  • You need to have an iCloud account
  • You need to have Find My iPhone turned on.
  • You must have a wi-fi connected PC/Device

One more thing you can do is to install Find My iPhone app and then you can get installed on another device (iOS device) in order to track yours.

Turn on your find my iphone Feature:


turn on find my iphone feature

  1. First of all launch the Settings in order to turn on Find My iPhone for your iPhone/ipad
  2. Hit on your Apple ID
  3. Hit iCloud.
  4. Move it down and hit Find My iPhone
  5. Now you need to tap the switch to enable it.

Procedure to use Find My iPhone on iPhone

find my iphone from another iphone

On the iPhone you can for sure trace out a misplaced iPhone/iPad/Mac, use the find My iPhone app for locating your device. On any iPhone you will be able to search it. After that you will be able to take a hold for tracking any device linked to your iCloud account by proceeding the following method

  1. Launch the Find My iPhone app from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  2. Now log in with your iCloud ID
  3. You need to hit on the name of the device that is needed to trace out
  4. Now tap on Actions that will be located at the lower side for viewing the options

Procedure to use Find My iPhone on the web

On the web via iCloud.com you can handily track the missing device for this you need to have a computer.

Get started:

  1. Head to iCloud.com in any web browser.
  2. Then Log into your iCloud account.
  3. Now click on Find iPhone from the main menu
  4. Provide your Apple ID and password and sign in if demanded
  5. At the top click on ALL Devices
  6. Now get on and click the name of the device that is needed to track

View the map closely by zooming in and out as it will give you a clear picture.  There are three modes each of them functions in this regard, let’s see what their functions are:

  • Playing an audible tone:

This option can be opted when the device gets misplaced; it plays a sound no matter what your device is on either at vibration or silent. It is called play mode.

  • Providing your phone number:

Here you will be directed to provide a phone number that will get visible on the screen of your lost device. Whoever happens to find your device he will be able to contact at the given number. It is called a lost mode.

  • Erasing your data distantly:

You can erase all of your data distantly if you think that can be caught in wrong hands. Before someone tries to approach your personal data you have the option to remove it remotely. It is called Erase Mode.

In case your device iPhone gets stolen then you might not aware of the fact that Apple offers a free tool that assists you in getting it back besides that you can keep the wrong hands at bay for securing your data. So you need to have Find My iPhone service that will utilize your phone’s GPS along with the internet connection for locating it on a map and perform certain actions.

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