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How to disable Notifications and Action center in windows 10

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Windows 10 has a feature in it that tends to notify its users about certain happenings. These notifications are sent by operating system and apps. The Action center has two chief parts, one is Notifications and other one is Quick actions. We can turn off these features which helps to improve the performance of windows 10 and it’s speed increases.


are also the most important factors to speed up windows 10.

If you are really sick off all these notifications then you can turn it off. So let’s see how to disable notification and quick actions in windows 10.

1. Turn It Off Using The Taskbar:

By using the Taskbar Settings you can disable the notifications and quick actions.

  1. Press the keys of Windows + I
  2. It will take you to the Settings
  3. After getting into settings click System
    settings to disable notifications windows 19 - How to disable Notifications and Action center in windows 10
  4. System window will open, now look for the “Notifications & actions”
  5. After getting it found click Notifications and actionshow to turn off notifications in windows 10 - How to disable Notifications and Action center in windows 10
  6. Look for the Turn system icons On or Off
  7. Go through the whole list of icons and which one you want to turn off
  8. Now click the button to turn it disable

That’s how it is really that simple! You have disabled the notifications and actions successfully.

2. Disabling Action Center Using the Registry Editor:

Before opting this option you need to take this account that this action can be a drastic one! Because you are going to make changes in the operating system so better not to take a chance of losing your data so you must backup of your computer.

  • Head up to the start menu
  • Type in search box REGEDIT and hit enter

Disabling Action Center Using the Registry Editor - How to disable Notifications and Action center in windows 10

  • It will start the Registry Editor as an administrator. It will start working
  • Now you have to use the sidebar of left side for navigating this key


  • The next step is to set a new value and change it from 0 to 1 and you can get it done by double clicking the new key of “Disable Notification Center”
  • After making the change and disabling it click OK and exit as the whole process is complete.
  • Restart your system, when you will restart it there will be no sign and icon of action center.

3. Turn it off Using Local Group Policy Editor

  1. Head up to start menu
  2. Type in search box Edit group Policy and hit enter
  3. It will take you to the Local Group Policy
  4. Look at the left side pane and move down to User Configuration
  5. And proceed towards Administrative Templates
  6. Now gain head up to the Start Menu and Taskbar
  7. From your right side look for the “Remove Notifications and Actions Center”
  8. After getting it found double click it
  9. Now for turning it disabled you need to set it at Enabled option
  10. After that click Apply.
  11. Restart your system

That’s it you have disabled to action center and notifications. You can use either of the methods to turn off the Action center and notifications in windows 10. Just keep in mind the precaution mentioned above so you may not lose your valuable data.

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