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Disable Animations in Windows 10 – Operating System

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Windows 10 desktop animations may look a treat to eyes but a great majority of users aren’t happy much with it and they want to dust it off. So if you are almost amongst them who are trying to get rid of it then not to worry as you will find and get to know the easiest way to disable animations in windows 10.

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So first let’s get to know what major perks are there in turning off the animations and then you will proceed towards the handy procedures.

Benefits of Turning Animations Off

  • It makes system work more efficiently
  • It makes the system starts quickly

Some other factors that also speed up the performance of your windows.

How To Disable Animations in Windows 10

There are three ways through which you can turn off animations in your windows 10 which includes turning them off from settings, control panel Or you can disable them using a Run Dialog which is a little complex method for newbies.


Method 1: By Going Into Settings.

  1. Go into the startup-menu
  2. Type in search box “Animations” and hit enter
  3. A new windows will be opened
  4. Now Select from the results “Play Animations in Windows”
  5. Now turn it off

disable animations in windows 10 from settings - Disable Animations in Windows 10 - Operating System


Method 3: Turn Off Animations Using Run dialog

  1. From the keyboard press the keys of Win + R
  2. By pressing the keys it will open the Run dialog
  3. Now type in “sysdm.cpl”

run dialog - Disable Animations in Windows 10 - Operating System

  1. Hit Enter
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and click it

system properties advanced tab - Disable Animations in Windows 10 - Operating System

  1. Below the “performance” there will be Settings
  2. Click Settings
  3. From the checkbox look for the “animate windows minimizing and maximizing”

turn animations off - Disable Animations in Windows 10 - Operating System

  1. Turn it disable


Method 2: Through Control Panel

  1. Press Windows key + U exactly at the same time
  2. It will open “Ease of Access Center”
  3. Now select ‘Make computer easier to use’
  4. Now start selecting the animations whom you find useless and turn them off
  5. When you are done click OK

You can follow any procedure mentioned above to disable the windows animations, within a short time span you will be able to turn off the animations successfully in your windows successfully. It is suggested strongly to choose less animations as they don’t leave a very healthy impact on the system.

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